Exposing the wind industry genocide

For those that have the mistaken belief that wind is green, clean, or in some way a noble venture, reality couldn’t be any further from the truth.  There is nothing commendable about hiding the slaughter to millions of protected bird and bats each year. Read more here  theecoreport  16:34

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  1. Dandog says:

    How bout a nice little observer perch mounted right below every turbine where we could put a gov’t mandated observer to document every local and migratory bird that is killed. Just like we have to account for every fish in the ocean that’s is caught lets account for every bird that is killed. it would give all these observers NMFS is training,somethin to do,cause nobody is fishing anymore. If and when the Cape Wind boondoggle gets up and runnin,whats gonna happen when all kinds of dead birds start washing up all over the capes beaches? Hell, i’d get fined 500 bucks and probably thrown in jail if I accidentally killed a seagull,somehow I don’t think the same thing would happen to Cape Wind.


    Lesley Stahl did a documentary on the Clean Energy Pact and revealed the 1.5 Trillion Dollar Stimulus FLOP it became. This will be more of the same. High Tech Wind Mills exposed to a corrosive Enviroment that can only be serviced during favorable Weather.
    Contracts for Energy three to four times the cost of current supplies which are becoming cleaner with Natural Gas. When the Wind Mills cannot produce do to Wind conditions lacking or too great. Yet more likely system failures and storm damage. The Grid will have to replace the Power at premium rates.
    The life span of these units yet unknown in this Climate will soon be revealed as a suckers BET, which is redundant considering the cost variable for the Power.

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