IG cites NOAA for lack of response – implies clearly that NOAA officials are showing insufficient interest in resolving these problems.

“We are currently reviewing NOAA’s controls and processes surrounding fisheries rulemaking as the first phase of our assessment of transparency and the rule of fishery councils in rulemaking,” the Zinser report states. “An effective regulatory environment requires a fair and transparent rulemaking process. Our review will consider the interactions among federal officials, fishing industry members, and non-government organizations in the development of fishing regulations.”


  • borehead – Moderator

    In response to a post from the article.
    They absolutely do transcend both parties, and Catch Shares is a Bush administration implementation.

    There are numerous people in this administration that were involved in Pew policy before this administration.

    Leon Panetta for one, as he pushes the LOST Treaty.

    I have become leery of the Kerry Connection of Teresa Hienz and Jane Lubchenco, and Brothers Kerry.

    For the Senator to suggest Lubchenco is the fisherman’s friend is absurd. Almost as absurd as this long-awaited report to be released in a timely manner.

    There has been much speculation as to why it has been withheld, and the longer it drags on, it adds credibility to all speculation.

    The longer they delay anything and everything, the more damage is done to the only real stakeholders that have used it since 1623. Fishermen.

    The delays allow the squatters to remove them systematically to fill food-producing ocean bottom with industrial junk that will destroy the ecosystem they are so concerned about if a fisherman dislodged a sponge from the ocean bottom, while they stand back to allow seismic testing, killing fish and mammals that fishermen are crucified for if the harm one in any way.