White House Releases National Climate Action Plan

Today the White House released the 3rd National Climate AssessmentThe report finds that climate change is not a distant threat, but it is affecting the American people already. These findings underscore the need for urgent action to combat the threats from climate change, protect American citizens and communities today, and build a healthy, sustainable future for our children and grandchildren.
NOAA (including Fisheries) had major roles in all aspects of this report from overall leadership to developing technical reports to expert scientists crafting the final assessment chapters. Fisheries had variety of roles including leading the team that did the technical report on climate impacts on US ocean ecosystems (ST) to expert scientists participating in various stages of the assessment. This is the first climate assessment report that will have specific chapters dedicated to current and projected climate impacts on U.S. oceans and coasts. The chapter on oceans highlights the growing evidence of current and expected future impacts on physical, chemical, and biological ocean components (e.g., fish stock distributions) and some social/economic impacts.16:17

2 Responses to White House Releases National Climate Action Plan

  1. damariscotta says:

    Same old song and dance by the progress left if you tell a lie long enought it will some how be come truth but the problem is there is no truth in the liberals that run the country any wonder the country is going to hell.

  2. COREXITJANE says:

    Yeah let’s talk about Climate Change. Co2 yeah naturally produced and man made forms.
    First though how about a man made Planet Altering Event via BP’S Gulf Deepwater spill. Then Dr. Lubchenco comes to the rescue with “COREXIT” making it the ultimate Toxic Soup. helping the Stock sink to the Bottom but sure to come back up. For now out of sight out of MIND. It won’t be going anywhere soon. If they can pump Crude at that depth. They should be able to clean up that crap on the Bottom. I would consider those Free Range Toxins a top priority to the White House.

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