Fishing crews seethe at ineligibility for aid – “You’re going to have winners and losers.” Maggie Mooney-Seus

The National Marine Fisheries Service said 194 fishing permits qualified for the $32,000 check. But local fishermen say some fishermen own several permits, sometimes dozens, so the $6.3 million could benefit as few as 100 out of the nearly 800 who hold federal permits in Massachusetts. Read more here 12:19

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  1. MIGHTYJ says:

    What about all of the displaced ground fishermen that became mid-water trawlers and still make their living doing that. Does Tom “Gear bashing” Dempsey have a kind word for them? For that matter …

    Has anyone else noticed that the profesional donation grovellers on Cape Cod always have something nasty to say about the distribution of any funds that don’t go directly into their own over-flowing pockets?

    There is no shortage of douchebaggery in the North East and any serious fishing vessel crewmembers had better be ready to travel.

  2. william skrobacz says:

    it seems that there are several permits that are in limbo because of infractions against them. these people did not have there day in court yet,so as it stands now, until these problems are fixed, it seems that the long…drawn…out process is gonna get a lot longer.dont hold your breath!

  3. philips66 says:

    Sounds like about 7 or 8 , maybe 10 people (state directors and nmfs) aka all gov’t bureaucrats) got together and came up with this whole scheme. None of whom have worked an honest days work in their privileged lives. What could possibly go wrong?

  4. StripedBassHole says:

    After reducing the Fleet by a significant Fraction. Have we seen a visible reduction in NOAA/NMFS Budget?

    • Joel Hovanesian says:

      Reduction? Are you kidding me. These government employees are set for life. Big benefit packages, steady pay increases, and best of all accountable to no one. In fact when you screw up, you get a transfer with a raise. Or those above you shred all evidence of your screw up, even during a federal investigation.
      Why isn’t any one of our federal representatives bringing up the fact that documents pertaining to the OLE’s targeting of fishermen were lost or destroyed while there was an ongoing investigation by the Inspector Generals office? Just like what has happened with the IRS targeting conservative political groups. Sorry the hard drives on the computers mysteriously all went up in smoke. What an F’n joke.
      DC is so corrupt and these agencies are full of criminals and what happens to them? Nothing.
      Thomas Jefferson
      Our founding fathers were afraid of what could happen when government became all powerful and absolute. And this is exactly what has happened. The time has come for the government to start fearing we the people. We are America, not these sellouts who claim to represent us in DC. Come November remember who has been asking the hard questions. And above all, who has been demanding justice for these criminals and tyrants within these rogue agencies. If they pulled this crap during the revolution they would have been tarred and feathered. That was a time of liberty.
      Time to send these self serving stooges packing. This is the only way we will ever have liberty again.

      • StripedBassHole says:

        Great job Joel, it’s nice to see someone else get up and tell it like it is. Rewarding failure is something our Government does well. Hand out Promotions and hide the failure, saving Face. To bad they didn’t pick up another old Japanese ritual.

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