Obama opens East Coast to oil search

No FishingOpening the Eastern Seaboard to offshore oil exploration for the first time in decades, the Obama administration on Friday approved,,,”No one has been allowed to test anything like this on right whales,” Kraus said of the seismic cannons. “(The Obama administration) has authorized a giant experiment on right whales that this country would never allow researchers to do.” Read more here 11:36

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    So how Green is Green currently it appears to be Currency Green.
    “THE OBAMA OCEAN POLICY” is coming to your State SOON or should I say BOOM!!!.
    It’s all about CONSERVATION???
    Where from the GOVERNMENT you can TRUST us.
    How do you like EXECUTIVE ORDERS NOW???
    The COUNTRY has been BETRAYED.

    • borehead says:

      I would’ve found it sometime today but intersepted in a tweet by none other than Gib Brogen of PEW/Oceana. He tweeted, Its a bad day for the ocean.
      My response was wtf did you expect? They wanted windmills? this comes with them.
      Stupid bastard.

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    Lets see what’s in the news today…

    One US Marine still being held hostage for over 100 days in a chit-can Mexican prison….


    Putin aids Russian separatist with missile that takes down a civilian aircraft (in fact three this week). President Zero does a combination of a stand-up comedy act and more fund raising just after making a 40 second mention of a “tragic event”……crickets then damage control after fund raiser… Val-Jar and the West Wing coordinate a ” Prez working on this now” Tweet…..


    Over 19,000 centrifuges spinning in a number of underground nuclear facilities in Iran, and our high-faluting Secretary of State can’t make any deal to slow down Iran’s race for a nuclear weapon…as Charlie Sheen would say, ‘Losing’……………..


    The Middle East is on fire with Israel now going full MMA-style in the Gaza Strip alone against the dirtbag terrorist group Hamas and US government support is no where to be found…


    100% Demo-crap party support for late term abortion to 9 months…but all hands on deck to continue to support illegals coming into the US that require full medical, housing, EBT cards for food, education, and support services to hopefully learn the English language… “We’re doing it for the children”…..


    Continued breaking news about destruction of hard drives and dissapearing emails being more routine then ever thought by billion dollar corporations that design and build data storage devices for the last decade for the IRS and EPA…and probably numerous other branches of President Zero’s Administration….


    More US citizens out of work, on disability, receiving some form of federal or state government assistance, and more multi-generational families now living together then ever before post the Industrial Revolution due to the failed domestic policies of the Food Stamp President…


    So what is this little energy issue here where the double speak continues once again.

    To wit:

    “The bureau (BOEM) contends it has found a way to proceed while minimizing
    deaths and injuries of marine life, although it acknowledges that
    thousands of sea creatures will be harmed.”

    “But it’s areas off our shelf where we have untapped fossil fuel resources!”

    You know, it comes to the point where we have federal agencies operating as a fourth branch of government, one never even thought about by our Founding Fathers, that literally issues rules and regulations by fiat.

    An American citizen does something the government has a rule or law for…bend him over and send it in hard…..but, some large government agency like say, NOAA….NMFS…. or the head creeps over at the IRS….and EPA…. NO…. better to fine or jail an American citizen because he broke “our laws!”

    Your laws?

    A ba fungul your laws, as you destroy our constitution and the rights of hard working American citizens in this country.

    An ‘SOS’ to congress?

    Congress has been so corrupted and has willingly ceded their powers to not only the Executive Branch, but worse, to bureaucrats who are operating like their own socialist – dictator style run fiefdoms….. issuing dictates, and crazy-azz rule making where the EPA will go so far as fine US citizens for collecting rainwater on their own property. (Ps, search this statement and see how bad this is: EPA fining people for collecting rainwater on their own property)

    Getting back to the thread at hand, just ask the progressive left in this administration “why”…..why this, since you are the same people screaming about not building a pipeline to bring Canadian oil into this country?

    Jeezus, it never ends with President Zero and his gang of demo-crap apparatchiks.

  3. william skrobacz says:

    im sure that p-u had a heads up on oil drilling, bet your ass jellyfish did!

    • borehead says:

      They like oil drilling in the Arctic, They even have a paper out about safe drilling in the Arctic.
      Guessing they forgot about the Gulf, and figure we did too.

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