During the NEFMC meeting, Bill Karp appologized for the treatment of renowned scientist Doug Butterworth. What’s the buzz?

Who is Doug Butterworth?

Science for Hire: What Industry’s Deep Pockets Are Doing to Our Fisheries The Public Trust Project

It’s sunset in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, a time when the little town’s handful of shops board up for the night, and the lights click off at no fewer than six marine research institutes. But at the far end of the town, one block from the churning Atlantic, 10 weary scientists sit around a big square table arguing about cod. They’ve been at it since 8 a.m..  Each has blocked two weeks in his or her calendar for this single purpose.  Read more


  • borehead – Moderator

    One industry hired scientist sets the ENGO screwballs on their heads!
    I’m dyin’ to hear the real scoop!

  • borehead – Moderator

    One independent paid scientist vs a pile of paid bureaucrats.
    Definition of bureaucrat (n)

    bing.com · Bing Dictionary

    [ byrə kràt ]

    1.administrative official: an administrative or government official
    2.inflexible official: an official who applies rules rigidly

  • Anonymous

    I believe the United States is the only nation who uses government platforms to do stock assesments. All other nations use industry platforms.
    The question becomes, what would the assesments look like if the surveys took place where the fish actually live?

    • borehead – Moderator

      The only solution is colaborative research like Jimmy Ruhl does.

      • Anonymous

        That would end all industry suspicion of methodology

        • borehead – Moderator

          Yes it would. Did you click the link and read what the ENGO’s are saying about Dr.Butterworth?