US Fishermen that land Sharks in some states will be penalized by ignorant politicians

Shark finning, a deplorable practice, is becoming the rally cry for some ignorant politicians to remove the ability of US fishermen to fill a niche market that is being dismantled simply because they cannot tell the difference between legal and illegal fishery issues. These state enacted bans are another assault on fishermen that play by the rules. Are they to just throw the legally landed shark products into the landfill, wasting condemned portions? Read  Massachusetts to ban shark fin trade 09:07

  • philips66

    Read the whole article. Nothing about if a shark has ever been “finned” in this state. Green is the new Red, if it feels good, just do it! It sure feels like they just saved a bunch of sharks to the morons on Bacon Hill!

  • borehead

    Its total bullshit!
    Extremists that are actually racists that persecute others for their choices in what they eat, be it soup, sustainable whales and seal, must be eliminated from the political process at the polls. Its the only way to bring sanity to a small group of out of control politicians. VOTE THEM OUT!

  • StripedBassHole

    If I’m not mistaken finning is part of processing Dogfish. You know that NOAA induced invasive Species