Real Cape Hippie – We Now Harvest The Blood Of Half A Million Horseshoe Crabs A Year

Real Cape HippieMan I hope horseshoe crabs don’t watch Fox News. All of our bitching about how we are a socialist country now, how the government takes our hard earned money and redistributes it to the poor? That shit must sound kinda petty to a horseshoe crab. While Tea Party conservatives are railing about Obamaphones, somewhere there is a horseshoe crab screaming,,, Read the rest here 15:28

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  1. Submission by Jim Kendall

    One important fact or point to this blog…

    My understanding is that they only remove a small portion of their blood & then they are released alive! There are fishermen who are contracted to catch the crabs & return them, once again alive. I guess you can call the crabs are donors, albeit not willing.

    Migrating birds are not so caring of the crabs feelings in light of the crabs’ important role in their place in the birds’ food chain. Hummm, yummy!

    Jim Kendall