How does the government count the fish? Questions of Validity

NOAA ScientistThere are a lot of fish in the sea. How to count them? It is, surprisingly, one of the hottest questions in New England public life these days. Scientists and environmentalists have offered broad rebuttals to Baker and the fishermen in the news media, often blaming the problem on decades of overfishing. But there has been little detailed discussion of how the federal government actually counts fish and how reliable its numbers are. Read the rest here 08:36:11

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  1. Ec Newell Man says:

    How does the government “count fish?”

    Not to well, both on the commercial and the for-hire industry side!

    Anyone who pays close attention to this one topic will always question the “data”… and it comes down to us fishermen continuing to press the government to ensure the highest standards in accuracy, first in the collection sampling, which is the most critical area (bad data in, more bad data out), then in extrapolating and applying it to a whole population of fish (again we are finding and catching fish), and finally, the oversight of the data sampling in the peer review process.

    How many of us will say that it is impossible to always find fish where they usually should be?

    How many times do fishermen with all their years of knowledge on the water, miss, not catching what they should?

    The fishing industry should be at the forefront of funding their own “in house” data collection. Maybe then we can challenge their “best available science”, and have the data where the fishing industry can challenge NMFS and the councils, and if necessary, seek relief though the legal process in the court system.

    • Sandy Yates says:


    • borehead says:

      Ec, I’m watching the climate “debate” and as the NOAA is using computer models for both fish and climate, the complaints of fishery issue observers, and the opposing views of climate are both questioning the “science”.
      How could they not?
      These issues are sadly, partisan, and based on ideology. Not very scientific.
      There are a lot of very smart people that reject NOAA’s science.

  2. Ec Newell Man says:

    NOAA ideological?

    Say it ain’t so!

    You bet!!!

    Their progressive ideology centers around $$$$$$…big money…..billions of dollars, confiscated by the IRS and then redistributed to Demo-Crap bundlers, aka friends of Hussein.

    When Hussein came to office he had progressive academics structure the whole climate scam around four federal agencies…. NOAA under Commerce…Interior specifically around BOEM….Energy Dept. which was essentially giving out billions of dollars in loans to questionable Green companies and the wizards over at the EPA.

    Let me ask everyone…..these four agencies….have they done ANYTHING of note to improve the standard of living for the majority of citizens of our nation?


    Working in the best interest of the middle class?

    It’s a fraud, starting right at the very top in the West Wing.

    • borehead says:

      Gruberesqe is the Obama Administration.
      Jonathan Gruber is the perfect composite of the left wing now in charge of these agency’s.
      It represents the cancer that the government bureaucracy has become.

  3. Rocky Novello says:



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