Fishermen vent about proposal to close Stellwagen Bank, other areas for research. “playground for scientists,”

PLYMOUTH – A charter boat captain who makes a living chasing tuna, Johnny Johnson finds it infuriating that regulators may close stretches of ocean in the name of research, but he doesn’t know when, exactly where or for how long “You’re telling me I can’t go feed my family. That’s what you’re telling me.  “Our kids are hungry every single day, and we can’t have these people making these decisions about how we will survive.” Read the rest here 13:33

3 Responses to Fishermen vent about proposal to close Stellwagen Bank, other areas for research. “playground for scientists,”

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    That’s what happens when the researchers have really good LIARS. Damn spell check, just kidding. This just proves that the Gov. doesn’t honor it’s promises. In short rectal cranial inversion is spreading faster then Ebola.

  2. StripedBassHole says:

    Excuse me while I whip this out. Wouldn’t you know it Obamacare will not cover the removal of that damn Burr in my ASS!!! So much for waiting patiently.
    I filled quite a bit of time watching the BOOB TUBE and Dawn broke on Marblehead. All the Sailboats are now in Winter Storage or sailed South now it’s the Sea we see. Ah, just see’en if anyone is paying attention.
    Anyway sometimes looking into the past can light the Path in front of you. They say History repeats itself and I believe it can. Lets follow the Money. You have to look in the right place though. Government is full of layers and protocols. Not to mentioned a sealed little layer called the Office of Accounting. The Government can’t run without it and Projects and Employees need Money. you can bet your Ass Dale Jones Shredder never got anywhere close to this Department. In the past it has actually opened some Windows that took down some shady SHIT.
    So let’s follow the Money. Anyone no where the Office of Accounting is located. Some Freedom of Information Forms may help too. This could be more fun then Easter Eggs anyone got Game?
    HAPPY HOLIDAYS it’s back…SBH surely beyond hope…

  3. StripedBassHole says:

    GOOD MORNING Fisherynation abounds. Especially with my Headset and Tunes. I finally get to see a Dr. today.
    Nope. Straight Jacket not included, close though Back and Shoulder injury. Only been waiting a Month. I LOVE my Recliner and on my second set of Heating Pads. Keep your Fingers crossed. Mobility may reduce these VOWEL MOVEMENTS…

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