Trawlers defeat relief for halibut fishermen – Balk at Compensation

The emergency measure was opposed by the At-sea Processors Association, United Catcher Boats, and other industry groups. The failed emergency measure was part of the voting to set quotas for Bering Sea groundfish species, including the billion dollar pollock fishery. Trawlers feared that a reduction in halibut bycatch limits for trawlers could shut them down early, leaving their fish in the water. But halibut fishermen complain that the trawlers are allowed to waste more  than they’ll be allowed to catch for the high-value market, a policy called “unacceptable” by St. Paul mayor Simeon Swetzof. Read the rest here 21:08

One Response to Trawlers defeat relief for halibut fishermen – Balk at Compensation

  1. StripedBassHole says:

    What a Crock of SHIT. Tradition and the little Guy take another kick in the Balls once again. This is “AMERICA” Home and Land of the Free, the ” Almighty Dollar ” once again has stifled the Voice of a sustainable Traditional Fishery. I recall past issues of “National Fisherman” where the Large Mid-Water Pollock Trawlers were complaining about LARGE SCHOOLS of HERRING impeding their ability to target the POLLOCK. So now they have a “HALIBUT TRIGGER” that could stop them from fishing. How many Cod-ends of Herring have they DUMPED? Now HALIBUT primarily a Bottom dweller has become an obstacle. We’re talking about Mid-Water Trawling. ” Technology ” enables them to FLY their DOORS. Now these “HALIBUT” catches wouldn’t have a relationship with SHINY DOOR BOTTOMS would they?

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