Sea scallop surveys under scrutiny during upcoming NOAA conference

Three intensive days of meetings to evaluate ways of NOAA Scientisthave been scheduled for mid-March in New Bedford, NOAA Fisheries NMFS announced. Among those participating will be Dr. Kevin Stokesbury, who developed the drop-camera method of directly counting scallops on the sea floor. The method upended assumptions about scallop populations and transformed the industry into the success it has been for many years. Read the rest here  Review of Sea Scallop Survey Methodologies and Their Integration for Stock Assessment and Fishery Management Read the notice here 09:27

2 Responses to Sea scallop surveys under scrutiny during upcoming NOAA conference

  1. Rocky Novello says:

    Think I have been making to many comments lately , but I must comment on this, RICHARD TAYLOR , A GLOUCESTER SCALLOP-ER who put many years helping to develop camera sled which was mainly his idea ,showing that scallops were plentiful then Noaa was reporting . Talking to people ,who worked on this project with him , told me ,Noaa should be ashamed , because other people got most credit for this research project .NOAA MUST REALIZE ,FISHERMEN HAVE BRAINS TOO. AND ALSO RICHARD SHOULD OF .BEEN CREDITED FOR A JOB WELL, DONE !

    • StripedBassHole says:

      ROCKY keep those CARDS and LETTERS coming. Someone has to keep TRAIL BLAZING besides me. B.H. says the GREEN LIGHTS are always lit on this ROAD…

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