Indoctrinated Youth: What young people are writing about Commercial Fishing.

One problem that’s being hotly debated all over the world is the issues of commercial fishing. Some say that fishing is all for us and we should keep fishing until its all gone. While protesters say that the fish will be gone if we don’t stop these fishing practices. While some say that sports/commercial fishing provides us food, money and jobs the truth is that these fishing practices are destroying our ocean, slowly but surely. Some of the reasons fishing is bad is Bottom Trawling is destroying ocean beds, Using nets is snagging innocent fish and in most cases dolphins, Fishing is destroying the ocean ecosystem and it could be wiped out by 2048. Read the rest here 07:12

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  1. StripedBassHole says:

    To start with do not believe everything you read. You have to consider the SOURCE first of all. The Green Agenda is well funded by some of the biggest POLLUTERS and CHEAP LABOR exploiters in the World. In order to SOURCE PRODUCT for resale at ROCK BOTTOM PRI$ES, they are OUTSOURCING MANUFACTURING to COUNTRIES with LACKS POLLUTION RULES and SLAVE LABOR equivalents. This has undermined the UNITED STATES ECONOMY. OUR MANUFACTURING BASE is a FRACTION of what it was back in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED in AMERICA during these these YEARS have been BOUGHT UP, STOLEN, or SCOOPED up through CORPORATE HOSTILE TAKE-OVERS. Believe ME… I was working in Hi-Tech during this PERIOD I witnessed the start of this movement starting with NAFTA.
    Fed up with the RAT-RACE and other PERSONAL reasons I turned to COMMERCIAL FISHING. Working on the open OCEAN where you only looked at the Clock in order to keep track of TIDE CHANGES.
    Back in the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s Foreign FLEETS were SCOOPING everything that got in the way of their FINE MESS BOTTOM and MID-WATER TRAWL NETS. They were LITERALLY fishing right off of OUR BEACHES. The RESOURCE was right on the EDGE of COLLAPSE!!!
    Enter 1976 and the MAGNUSON FISHERIES ACT and the 200 Mile Limit. This removed the FOREIGN FLEETS from OUR TERRITORIAL WATERS. Now if the COMMERCE DEPARTMENT was SMART they would’ve let the RESOURCE REBOUND without FINANCING an ENORMOUS AMERICAN FLEET believing the RESOURCE was LIMITLESS, “WRONG”!!!
    The FLEET should have gradually grown as RESOURCE made it’s come-back…
    Well here’s something for you to chew-on, Research, and Digest.
    More to come later. Also just because it is in WRITING it does not make it TRUE…
    Please keep an OPEN MIND.

  2. DickyG says:

    Check out the source of the “information” being fed to these young people in the quoted article by Sally Painter, a writer of “romance and erotica” novels.

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