Who in the Hell is Richard Gaines?!!

I posted this to newvine.com on Wed May 25, 2011. It’s worth another look, for those that may have missed it. Who the Hell is Richard Gaines? My hero.

I can guarantee, that the members of the New England Fishery Management Council know him. Everyone at NMFS surely know of him. I know Dr. Jane Lubchenco of EDF/NOAA fame knows who Richard Gaines is! Hell! even US Commerce Secretary Gary Locke knows who he is. I’d bet even President Obama  knows of him. These are some  that wished they hadn’t. I would dare say that for the last two years, or so, thanks to Richard we should all be very grateful to know of him, for if  not for Richards determination to bring this information to the public, there is a real chance that things would be the same as they were. Disgustingly dysfunctional. This journalist has single-handedly brought these fishery issues to the attention of the citizens of the United States, and the world! There has been a noticeable lack of media coverage of the major networks, and print media, but thankfully for the sake of justice for all, the determined Richard Gaines, with his editors support, Ray Lamond, the misdeeds and injustices of two very powerful government agency’s, NOAA/NMFS, and US COMMERCE have been exposed.



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  1. Scupguy says:

    This man has been a friend to fisherman and those who seek the truth about the injusticies brought upon the people who used to supply the nation with the finest supply of protein available bar none.
    I say used to beacause we are now importing 91% of the seafood consumed in the US. This inspite of having the strictest regulations in the world. A sad story indeed.
    I am proud to know Richard and to call him a friend. His wife Nancy too! We would be in a much worse place without them.

  2. borehead says:

    They are excellent people.

    There are people, and then, great people, scup, they and you are that. Great people.Without Richard, we would not be here talkng about this.His articles brought a harsh reallity of awareness to me.

    I was a fisherman. I loved being that. I was proud to call myself one, and prouder when someone called me that. I was good at it, although many were better. I missed it when I left, Everyday. You know what I mean.

    Because of Richard, and what he was writing, I started to see an industry I no longer recognized, governed by an agency I had limited interaction with, or knowledge of, other than the weather.

    • borehead says:

      I could'nt walk away from what I found. Injustice, inequity, and disenfranchisement. Fishermen divided beyond what I remembered, or recognized. Gear conflict was the only divider I had known.

      So here we are today, you and me, thanks to Richard Gaines, and his Editor Ray Lamont and the Gloucester Daily Times, and the reallity they communicate.

      But I am also here today thanks to you, and your generousity.

      You see, you are the reason we will be bringing fishermen together at a place where all that come here will have the opportunity to build through democracy, a united voice for those that have no say, and are not included in any decisicion making. It is called Fisherynation for that reason. Unity.

      We are able to do this thanks to to you, scup, and your generous contribution for our cause. That contribution will supply the tools needed to make democracy possible for fishermen from across the country, and from every region at this place.

      Thank you for making this happen. BH

      • borehead says:

        I saw a pop up that said my comment was too long.
        I'd guess I am long winded! lol.

        We're gonna be fixing this very soon. New tools are on the way.

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