Star of reality show ‘Wicked Tuna’ to be sentenced for fraud

Paul-Hebert-WickedTunaA man featured on the reality television show ‘‘Wicked Tuna’’ is scheduled to be sentenced in Vermont on charges he received government disability benefits while he was fishing on the show. Paul Hebert, of Gloucester, Massachusetts, is due in federal court in Burlington on Wednesday. He pleaded guilty earlier this year to charges of Social Security and Medicaid fraud. As part of a plea deal with prosecutors, Hebert agreed to pay more than $53,600 in restitution. Attorneys are recommending probation. Hebert’s attorney has said he filed for the benefits before he got the job on ‘‘Wicked Tuna.’’ The National Geographic Channel show follows several Gloucester-based boats that try to land bluefin tuna, which can weigh hundreds of pounds and fetch tens of thousands of dollars. link 14:44

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  1. Bill Diller says:

    Real smart. If people only realized how much they are being watched, just during an average life, much more so on a TV show- Duh….

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