French fishermen bag a Portuguese submarine!

3639CA9300000578-3687891-image-a-1_1468398168304French fishermen bagged the biggest catch of their lives when they reeled in a Portuguese submarine. The 220ft navy vessel got tangled in the net of a trawler off the English coast as it was taking part in a training mission. Portugal’s Armed Forces General Staff said the sub got too close to the boat when it was below the surface about 34 miles (55km) southeast of Lizard Point in Cornwall.  The trawler, Daytona, which is registered to port in northwest France called Saint-Brieuc, was fishing in the area. Blissfully unaware there was an assault sub below them, fully equipped with eight torpedoes and four harpoons, the fishermen plodded along with their work. The Tridente-class submarine, which weighs more than 2,000 tonnes, got stuck in the net and hit the fishing boat as it tried to surface. Read the rest here 11:04

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