Why trade deals like CETA have become a ‘whipping boy’ for anti-globalization forces

afp-hf8xzGlobalization has always had its critics — there’s nothing new there, says Fen Hampson, professor of international affairs at Carleton University’s Norman Paterson School of International Affairs. But given the problems Europe is experiencing now, with high levels of unemployment, particularly among youth, it’s not surprising that free trade deals like the Canada-EU CETA have become “a whipping boy for very unhappy people who are out of work,” Hampson said. And that’s why the backlash against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, he said, is symptomatic of growing anti-globalization sentiments, and may well have played a role in the decision by Belgium’s Wallonia socialist government to scuttle the trade pact between Canada and the 28-nation bloc. Read the rest here 11:33

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