New Trawl Avoids Cod

ulot_webA new fishing net has been designed in New England, US, which avoids catching cod while retaining flatfish, reports Gulf of Maine Research Institute. The net was designed in response to the drastic reduction in catch quotas for Gulf of Maine cod. The reduced quotas have made it difficult to target other species that are more abundant. The ultra low opening trawl (ULOT) has a smaller vertical opening than a typical trawl net; just over 2 feet compared to the 6-foot opening in standard nets. This design allows for cod to swim up and over the net, escaping capture. Read the rest here. – Read more about this – Ultra-Low-Opening Groundfish Trawl Development This project is a collaboration with scientists (Mike Pol – MA DMF; Chris Glass – UNH; Pingguo He – SMAST), fishermen (Jim Ford – F/V Lisa Ann III; Dan Murphy – F/V Bantry Bay, Tom Testaverde – F/V Midnight Sun) and a net maker (Jon Knight – Superior Trawl). Click here to read 13:31

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  1. Rocky Novello says:

    Fishermen don’t need a new net to avoid codfish ? Knowledgeable Gloucester captain have taken most of the floats off their net ,to avoid catching codfish ,that N.O.A.A. STATES ,THAT THERE IS NO CODFISH TO CATCH IN G.OM. WATERS !! ( N.O.A.A.’S POOR SCIENCE ) ???

    Commercial fishermen, hoping that TRUMP WILL MAKE FISHING GREAT AGAIN !!!!!

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