Fishing appeal on fed docket- Catch share challenge

A three-judge panel of the First U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Boston is due to hear arguments today in a suit alleging the federal government’s re-engineering of the Northeast groundfishery into a quasi commodity market trading in catch shares beginning in 2010 was illegally introduced by denying industry the referendum promised by federal law.Read more.

3 Responses to Fishing appeal on fed docket- Catch share challenge

  1. fisherwife says:

    Too bad we can't watch. I would love to listen to the arguments. Keep us posted.

  2. borehead says:

    Just as soon as my people get hold of me, I'll post what I hear.
    Make sure your email alert is checked!

  3. scupguy says:

    Looks like the fix is in. I attended the appeal hearing and Peter Shelly from the conservation law foundation was sitting with the government at their table.

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