Statute Unveiled – Brixham honours fishermen lost at sea

A statue to honour those lost at sea has been unveiled at one of the UK’s last fishing ports after a decade of fundraising. It took residents in Brixham, Devon, 10 years to raise the £76,000 needed. Artist Elizabeth Hadley was commissioned to create the bronze life-size Man and Boy statue. Eighty-three British commercial fishermen died in the past decade at sea, according to the Marine Accident Investigation Branch. Victoria Bowen, who helped fundraise said: “It’s a high-risk industry and it’s important people remember what these guys face when they are bringing home what they call ‘the silvery harvest’.” Read the rest here with 19:00

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  1. Patrick OHara says:

    Nice to see Ms. Victoria Bowen is doing well and contributing to the culture of her home. Say hi to Glennis if you read this Victoria. You might not remember me, but I remember you and your brother Jonathon. All the best to you and yours.


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