Provincial fees could hurt Port Saunders fisherman’s business

Eugene Caines, a commercial fisherman from Port Saunders, hopes to continue operating a cod grow-out site. However, fees being imposed by the province, may shut him down. What was once just a $100 fee for cod grow-out, he says, has jumped to $500 to $2,000 in just a few years. The aquaculture renewal fee for cod grow-out operations, imposed by the province’s Department of Fishery, Forestry and Agrifoods, is $1000 for 2017. Then there’s the new annual fee, established by the province’s Department of Environment and Climate Change. That’s another $1,000. Given the fee increases, Caines hopes to be able to combine his cod quota with another harvester in 2017, to not only have more quota but to possibly reduce manpower costs. Cains also needs to know whether or not he will be able to use traps to catch cod. Read the story here 12:40

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