Trump presidency may bring changes to U.S. fishing laws

Previously unsuccessful efforts to reform the US’s main federal fishing law, the Magnuson-Stevens Act, are positioned to move ahead under a Donald Trump administration. New efforts to amend the US Magnuson-Stevens Act are expected from the new Congress, leaving some in industry concerned with any move away from a law judged by many to have worked reasonably well for four decades.  “Right now you might be looking at potential for a whole lot of changes and revisions,” said an Alaska-based source who wished to remain unnamed. “I would say there should be some anxiety about how far you go giving people flexibility that moves outside the scientific realm.”  HR 1335 – One of the bill’s central provisions would have reformed Magnuson-Stevens’s mandatory 10-year stock rebuilding timeline, incorporating additional flexibility. Instead of formally defining all stocks in decline as “overfished”, Young’s amendment would allow the term “depleted” when the reason for a stock’s decline is due to depredation or other non-fishing factors. Read the story here 11:39

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  1. Joel Hovanesian says:

    As I looked read this article I couldn’t help but look at those who would complain that the much needed flexibility in the MSA was a bad thing. These blood sucking whores who have capitalized at the expense of others need to have their wings clipped starting with the seafood harvesters of America. This self serving pack of prostitutes took $250,000.00 dollars from EDF. EDF is the main NGO behind the industry crippling catch share plan. Time to drain the swamp of these special interest leaches.

  2. Rocky Novello says:

    Great article- –Most of U.S.A. FISHERMEN , THINK AS YOU DO ????

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