A nice note to the Fishermen of Flotilla 2017 from Sargeant Steven Stanko

Hello all, I want to take a moment and express my sincere admiration as to the professionalism the fishermen/women at the event displayed. As the supervisor on scene  for CT Encon Police I witnessed firsthand the interaction that took place between the fishing  vessel captains and crew involved in the event had with not only my department, but with the United States Coast Guard, and other commercial/civilian craft in the area. Communication on the radio, as well as by phone, with  vessel captains was first rate. As an event planner and coordinator that is responsible for public safety I must say that all those involved made the event much easier and less stressful for me to supervisor. In fact, it was a pleasure.  The skills of the captains in handling numerous large vessels in constrained waterways was exemplary of the nautical experience they possess. click here to read the letter 12:52

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