Think you’ve seen it all? Trudeau government proposes opening St. Lawrence marine protected area to oil exploration

The Liberal government is proposing to allow oil and gas exploration in a new marine protected area that it plans to establish where the Gulf of St. Lawrence meets the Atlantic Ocean. Ottawa released an impact statement Friday on its Laurentian Channel protected area, a 11,619-square-kilometre stretch of ocean in which commercial activity would be limited in order to protect vulnerable marine life. The establishment of the marine protected area (MPA) is part of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to set aside 10 per cent of Canada’s coastal waters by 2020. But some environmental groups and ocean scientists argue Ottawa is undermining the effort by allowing future oil and gas exploration in the zone. click here to read the story 19:57

  • DickyG

    Who is behind these Marine Protected Areas? The eco-NGOs! And who behind these eco-NGOs? The Oil and Gas Companies! (Follow the money)

    • Borehead

      Every MPA story I’ve read was about the need to protect the habitat from fishermen and their destructive gear, with the caveat that the MPA’s would exclude oil/gas development. So. Really, the MPA initiative is really about excluding the fishing industry, the most harmful industry on the face of the planet! They have lost their minds.