Do seals affect your commercial fishing activity?

Seals eat approx 7% of their body weight when they eat – say 24lbs. Unfortunately, seals don’t necessarily eat the whole fish that they pick from fishermen’s nets – they tend to take a single mouthful from each fish – often to get at the liver – especially with fish like hake.  To this end the NFFO are carrying out a survey and encourage all those fishermen who have been affected to take part. This survey is for commercial fishermen in England about their experiences of interactions with seals (seals feeding on catches, damage to gears and entanglement). Your responses will help us better understand the extent of seal–fishery interactions around the country and identify options for non-lethal measures to reduce these interactions. Participation in the survey is voluntary. Video, >click to read<08:58

2 Responses to Do seals affect your commercial fishing activity?

  1. Winston lockyer says:

    Every day we haves fish eaten some days the belly is taken out and sometimes there’s nothing but heads left in the nets

  2. Ken Pearce says:

    we will be working togetherto bring the seal and lion populations back under control. Our newly formed group is called PACIFIC BALANCE PINNIPED SOCIETY. Hereditary Chief Roy Jones Jr. is our chair person.
    for info you can contact us at [email protected].

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