Dear Senator Warren, I will be exploring my options

Dear Senator Warren, I am a lifelong Democrat, have been Party Chairman in Gloucester, Ma., and have supported you in the past. I find myself very disappointed, Senator, as I continue my quest of supporting the remaining fishermen of Gloucester, the Gloucester Fishermens Wives Association, Captain Sam Novello, Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken, and others in the industry. In the last three months, I have sent numerous emails, called your Washington office, your Boston office, and left messages for you, and no one has bothered to call, or answer back! I have become discouraged that I can’t count on you, so what am I supposed to do? >click to read< by Sam Parisi 23:43

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  1. Senator Warren says she has American Indian blood in her blood-line. so don’t worry her great-great father probably was one of america first fisherman & help for fishermen is in her agenda ??

  2. Joel Hovanesian says:

    Another far left America destroying politician. If she and Nancy Pelosi were to get their way this nation will be doomed. IMO\
    Fishermen don’t donate enough to her America destroying crusade. These politicians are totally out of touch and out of control

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