County board voices opposition to bill to end non-tribal gillnetting in Washington

Wahkiakum County commissioners on Tuesday agreed to contact the state senate to oppose legislation that would outlaw non-tribal gillnet commercial fisheries in Washington Jan. 1, 2023, and establish a buyout program for retiring licenses by Dec. 31, 2022. Proponents say gillnets are non-selective gear that ensnare wild and endangered salmon and with other species, they are not a good management, and they adversely impact the recreational fishing industry. Senate Bill 5617 would also establish a three-tier program to buy out gillnetters’ licenses from willing sellers.,,, >Click to read<11:01

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  1. You can tell politicians are FILLING there pockets with lots of opposition money against any kind of proposal against any kind gill netting , the native American,s have lots of casino money to throw at it, And the commercial gill netters have lots of money to throw at it also , the native Americans have helped with their own hatchery,s but they should be limited to 500 yards from netting on the mouths of rivers and less days , and a lot less days for commercial netters , and if you do that Alaska and Canada with take the fish so really the dam CHANCE