Stonington, Conn.’s F/V Anne Kathryn Gets a Little Paint ‘n Powder! Fernando says, “You Look Marvelous Darling”

F/V Anne Kathryn gets a retro fit and a paint job. She’s ready to go!

  • borehead

    She looks real pretty, Dick, I need a site!
    When I went fishing, we didn't have the fancy conveyer system, and ripped, gutted and washed like fishermen,
    Your guys are pampered!
    Thanks for the pics! BH

  • Dick Grachek

    Thanks BH.

    Not only do we have a conveyor system, but with our "sophisticated fish finding" electronics, we can catch as many fish as we want anytime we want, —don't you know.

    • borehead

      Yup. Anytime you want, anywhere you want!
      EDF says the fish stay in one place, eliminating the race to fish, giveng fishers the option to forget about migratory patterns