Meet John Kassel CLF President / Cape Wind Shill / Advocate of Ocean Destruction, and a crappy blogger, too.

What could be said about Cape Wind?! That depends on your own point of view. Some opinions are based on rhetorical ideology.


Cold hard facts.

If you are the President of Conservation Law Foundation, rhetorical notions are sufficient.

So much so, that Offshore Wind Advocate John Kassel President, CLF, has been on a advocacy campaign of ocean destruction to decimate what he claims to love.

These values are often associated with places: when we think of America, we think of the icons of America. Yellowstone. Zion. And New England’s very own Acadia National Park. As Americans, preserving these natural treasures is among our proudest accomplishments. Our oceans should be no different. Here, in the Gulf of Maine, we have George’s Bank, Stellwagen Bank, and Cashes Ledge – a spectacular undersea mountain range – where you find steep canyons, deep kelp forests, and vibrant, charismatic marine life. Their beauty and majesty are breathtaking.

The places he describes are the very places we harvest our seafood from. Natures infinite food producing ocean bottom.

All Natural. No Preservatives. With care, a never ending, virtually endless supply of fish and shell fish.

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