‘Comeback Calamari’ – Cranston Chef Star In Democratic Convention

As appetizing as calamari might be to foodies across the country, its off-the-charts popularity among Rhode Islanders likely wasn’t known to the rest of the nation until Tuesday night. Calamari, typically prepared in Rhode Island with garlic, parsley and sliced cherry peppers, found its unlikely way onto the national stage during the Democratic National Convention. As states cast their votes for Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders in a series of 30-second videos, Cranston native John Bordieri, the executive chef at Iggy’s Boardwalk Lobster and Clam Bar in Warwick, appeared on a beachfront with state Democratic Chairman Joseph M. McNamara, who cast 34 of the state’s 35 votes for Biden. Video, >click to read< 16:10

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  1. Willy says:

    Hopefully, they’ll choke on it!

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