Where is the Jenny? Exhibit tells story of famed Beaufort shrimp boat from ‘Forrest Gump’

Tom Boozer knows almost everything about the shrimp boat that was plucked from Beaufort waters more than 25 years ago and set on a course for Hollywood fame. Everything, that is, except where the vessel is now.  The 55-foot trawler Miss Sherri, then owned by Beaufort shrimper Jimmie Stanley, became the Jenny as christened by actor Tom Hanks’ character in the smash hit “Forrest Gump,” filmed in Beaufort.,, McIntyre and Boozer didn’t know what became of the trawler. The boat had been rumored to be sinking in the water where it was displayed and the men feared it had been removed and scrapped. But a Planet Hollywood spokeswoman said the Jenny still lives. >photos, links, click to read< 08:48

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