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Captain Dave Goethel has some Fishery Observer and liability information you should review. Please share it!

Beginning sometime this winter, here in the northeast observers switched from the safety checklist to the “pre-trip safety inspection”.  Basically, instead of accepting a card signed by a previous observer good for three months, with all the expiration dates listed for the EPIRB and other equipment,,, Anyone that has been sued knows that when someone gets hurt everyone remotely involved gets dragged in. If this is happening on my vessel it is happening elsewhere. For that reason I am releasing the statement I have written for all fishermen to use. It is not a legal document, but it will provide you with proof that you attempted to protect them from their own unsafe actions. Fishermen should customize the statement to their own vessels characteristics. To continue,  >click to read< 19:18

The Feds Are About To Kill Maine’s Lobster Industry And Hurt Thousands Of Workers For Some Bogus Whale Regulation

Big government overreach knows no bounds. The latest example of federal regulation that will threaten thousands of jobs and livelihoods of hardworking Americas comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The NOAA says that Maine’s lobster industry is to blame for the killing of right whales, an endangered species, and has enacted regulations set to take place this September which will harm the already struggling industry. Yet, the evidence says that the proposed regulation will in no way actually help the whales and will instead only burden lobstermen. >click to read< 17:30

Tropical Storm Barry – Coast Guard reopens Port of New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS — The Coast Guard captain of the port for Sector New Orleans cancelled port condition Zulu and set port conditions normal as of 6 a.m. Sunday, allowing vessel movement into and out of the river and the Port of New Orleans with some restrictions. Specific information about Port of New Orleans restrictions can be viewed on the Coast Guard homeport webpage,,, Early preparation and communication between federal, state, local, and industry partners helped minimize the potential for damage in the New Orleans Captain of the Port zone. >click to read< 12:29

SURF AND TURFED: N.S. prof canned after wanting sex, lobster and moose meat from struggling student

A Nova Scotia university professor was turfed after allegedly demanding sex, lobster and moose meat from a student in exchange for better grades.
The Chronicle Herald reported an unnamed instructor from Cape Breton University had asked a female student who was struggling in his class if she wanted to do some extracurricular activities in an effort to boost her marks.,,, The student claimed the teacher asked her to bring him moose meat and lobster in exchange for better grades, and despite her better judgement, she did. When the student and the instructor went to her car to collect the edible goods, that’s when the educator wanted to get into her pants. >click to read< 11:25

Move over Fishermen, Alberta company to try to harness Bay of Fundy’s powerful tides

An Alberta-based company has been granted permission to try to harness electricity from the powerful tides of the Bay of Fundy. Nova Scotia has issued two renewable energy permits to Jupiter Hydro. The Jupiter application says it will use three “floating barge type platforms” carrying its patented technology. The company says it uses helical turbines mounted as if they were outboard motors. .,,,Energy and Mines Minister  Mombourquette also authorized a power purchase agreement that allows the company to sell the electricity it generates to Nova Scotia Power for 50 cents per kilowatt hour. >click to read< 10:03