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Scallops and squid: Sea creatures with a lot in common

What do a scallop and squid have in common? Well lots, they are both mollusks along with clams and octopus. The squid and scallop both use “jet propulsion” to swim. They both have eyes developed to see well under water, completely different than the eyes humans have. Now, what is different? Well, the scallop has two shells to protect its body, but that makes the animal very heavy, thus they live on the seabed and open and close their shells quickly to swim away from prey for short distances at a time. Squid, on the other hand, are the faster swimmers. >click to read< By Ellen Goethel, a marine biologist and the owner of the Explore the World Oceanarium at Hampton Beach

A Big Wave journey

It’s the dream and goal of anyone who spends significant time in commercial fishing. Unless you’re a moneyed investor, you start on the deck, learn how everything works — from winches to weather to your crewmate’s breaking point. The persistent ones who demonstrate a knack eventually make it into the wheelhouse, where the hard labor of the deck is replaced with the stress of responsibility. Those who forge through this level look to the next — buying so they can have the direct benefit of ownership and of their own work. But ownership is a high bar and it means that the captain is willing to take on the entire responsibility of the operation. The stress doesn’t go away.  Those who succeed in the fisheries are eternal optimists — because belief in the next haul, the next season, gets you over the rough patches. On the Big Wave, Ryan Barrett is looking steadily ahead to the goal. >click to read< 16:21

Water conditions causing ‘catastrophic’ season for in-shore and near-shore shrimpers

The Bonnet Carre Spillway has been open for 100 days as of Friday and the influx of freshwater still pouring into the Mississippi Sound is taking a major toll on coast fishermen. The shrimp season opened two weeks ago but, by most accounts, the freshwater in the Mississippi Sound is making it a season to forget for those who make their living on the water.  Shrimpers are having to adjust where they drop their nets, said David Veal director of American Shrimp Processors Association. Video, >click to read< 14:56

N.B. baby rides ‘rare’ gigantic lobster on lucky Canada Day catch

“Some kids get to ride a pony, not my grand nephew Ace,” said proud uncle Ed McHugh who shared pictures of his 12-pound nephew Ace on Facebook riding a gigantic lobster in Black River, N.B. The lobster was caught on Canada Day by Ace’s father, Nathan Crawford, who works as a lobster fisherman. The lobster was a 17 pounder, the first Crawford has ever seen. >click to read< 13:22

San Diego – Tuna fishing industry monument pays homage to those who served

Calling all past and present members of the tuna industry: It’s time to honor those who served in the industry with a plaque or paver at the Tuna Industry Monument in Point Loma. Located in the front of The Portuguese Historical Center since 2014, the large black monument made of granite pays homage to all those in the tuna industry. With about 85 names engraved on plaques, there is room for more to be added. >click to read<12:48

Todays Offshore Wind Farm Propaganda (from a real pro) – NOIA: VA Offshore Wind is a Win for Americans

NOIA President Randall Luthi issued the following statement after Dominion Energy and its partner Ørsted began construction of the Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) Project: “This research project will also help all regulators and other ocean users understand,,, >click to read< Its sickening, but, who is this guy? Well connected, and we’ll see a lot of present and former insiders drifting in for the big feed at the Wind Farm Trough. >click to read<11:51

€6m EU funding for Irish fishing suspended in ‘hostile’ row

Some €6 million in EU funding for the Irish fishing sector has been suspended by the European Commission because of the failure to establish a penalty points system for serious breaches of fisheries rules. The commission has also given notice of its intention to take infringement proceedings against Ireland in a long-running dispute that has pitted the Government against the fishing industry, Fianna Fáil and most of the Opposition. >click to read< 09:53

OPINION: #NoPipe activists won’t pipe down

Lobster traps are out of the water now, as fishermen along the Northumberland Strait wrap up a successful season. The wharves are quieter than they were a year ago, when 200 fishing and pleasure boats and 3,500 people readied for the #NoPipe Land and Sea Rally on July 6 in Pictou Town and Harbour. From three provinces and Pictou Landing First Nation, opposition to Northern Pulp’s proposal to discharge 60-80 million litres of treated pulp effluent daily into the Northumberland Strait was visible and strong. >click to read< 08:48