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Ropeless Fishing: ‘We’ve got to do our part’ to prevent right whale deaths, Yes! Slow ships down

As a Halifax-based company seeks input from the fishing community for a prototype of ropeless fishing gear, a New Brunswick fisherman has another idea about how to decrease the dangers to North Atlantic right whales. “People should slow down and be more careful,” says lobster fisherman Jean-Guy Gallant.,,, While Gallant fishes the Northumberland Strait – which is not in the same area several of the endangered whales have been found dead – he says he has concerns about going ropeless. “What happens if the mechanism doesn’t work?” he asks. “The trap will stay on the bottom so we won’t be able to fish it.” >click to read<

You wanna be a lobsterman? The day started out so wonderfully aboard the mighty F/V Degelyse. But then it all turned south.

This is why you stay in school. LMAO! Video,  >click to watch<

Nordic Aquafarms Set to Ask County for ‘Financial Incentives’ Before Committing to Indoor Fish Farm Project

In the five-plus months since Norwegian aquaculture firm Nordic Aquafarms announced plans to build a large-scale, land-based fish farming facility on the Samoa peninsula, we’ve heard a lot about the potential benefits to the local community, including dozens of jobs and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues and local investments. But wouldn’t you know it? There’s a catch!  >click to read< 12:02

Rep. McDonald: Federal rules would hurt lobstering, but do little for whales

A policy that involves both United States and Canada and focuses on the right whale’s migration patterns would do more to prevent entanglements.,,, Lobster is to Maine what apple pie is to Grandma’s kitchen. On the coast, it is the cornerstone of our cultural identity.,,, The Maine lobster industry is modestly valued at $1.5 billion and supports tens of thousands of Maine jobs, many of which are in rural and island communities with few other economic prospects. The fishery also provides an opportunity for young people to stay in Maine. While my siblings and classmates left the islands to attend college and pursue careers out of state, I was able to stay, raise a family and contribute to my community in a meaningful way — because I am a lobsterman. >click to read< 10:56

Commercially Caught Wild American Shrimp From Gulf of Mexico Remain Safe to Eat

For the commercial wild-caught shrimp industry in the Gulf of Mexico, it’s business as usual. In spite of reports coming out of the Gulf of Mexico about a freshwater influx due to flooding in the Midwest, along with some resulting, close-to-shore algae blooms, commercial shrimp processors are reporting that this year, though volumes are lower, shrimp quality and size are good as ever. “The Mississippi Department of Marine Resources (MDMR) is continuing to test water and fish samples to ensure seafood safety in Mississippi waters,” >click to read<  09:54

North Carolina – Seismic firm moves to override state decision to deny offshore testing permit

A company recently denied state permits to conduct seismic surveys for oil and natural gas off the North Carolina coast is appealing to the U.S. Secretary of Commerce to override the decision. The North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality’s Division of Coastal Management found in June that WesternGeco’s proposal to conduct geological and geophysical surveys in the Atlantic was incomplete, inconsistent with the state’s enforceable coastal management policies and would harm fish and other marine life and put at risk coastal habitats and the coastal marine economy. >click to read< 09:14

14-year-old reels in massive 600-pound tuna off Marshfield

A 14-year-old fisherman from Marshfield made the catch of a lifetime Thursday, reeling in a 600-pound tuna. Anthony Tavares and his father, Marshfield Police Chief Phillip Tavares, were out on a commercial fishing boat when he snagged the 151-inch Atlantic Bluefin Tuna weighing in at 686 pounds. Tavares said he has been fishing for as long as he can remember but has never caught anything this big before.,,, Tavares said fishing has taught him important life lessons about perseverance and believing in oneself. “If you keep believing, it will happen,” he said. “Dreams can come true.” >click to read< 08:05