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36th Annual Stonington Lobster Boat Races

From one side of Stonington harbor to the other, lobsterman competed on Sunday to find out who was the fastest of them all at the 36th annual Lobster Boat Races. “The lobster boat races are an opportunity for our fisherman from many different harbors to come together, blow off some steam and see who can win bragging rights,” said Race Coordinator Genevieve McDonald. >click to read< 21:11

A fresh take – Little Harbor Lobster Co. preserves a Marblehead tradition

It’s an overcast, damp and chilly Friday. Within 15 minutes, three customers duck into Marblehead’s Little Harbor Lobster Company.,,, Little Harbor’s latest lobsters arrived early in the morning, hauled from offshore traps by co-owner Tim O’Keefe on his boat, the Lori’O. O’Keefe, 42, has been fishing since he was 14, and helps to supply the market with his catch. He also hauls 800 traps.,, It’s a complex operation with both retail and wholesale sides, says Bryn Brewin, a co-owner with her husband, Andrew.,, Two years ago, the Brewins and the O’Keefes made Little Harbor Lobster their livelihood. >click to read<20:23

Mogul, wandering North Atlantic right whale, spotted off coast of France

A North Atlantic right whale that made headlines last year for his wanderlust in Iceland has decided to take a more southerly European vacation this year. Mogul, an 11-year-old male right whale, was spotted June 21 feeding off the coast of Penmarc’h, France, in the Bay of Biscay. It’s a curious spot for a young right whale to find himself, said Heather Pettis, associate scientist at the Anderson Cabot Center for Ocean Life at the New England Aquarium. >click to read<12:47

REWARD! Wanted! Dead or Alive! $100 Bounty for Black Carp Caught in Indiana

Illinois’ Department of Natural Resources (DNR) is offering fishermen $100 for every black carp caught in Indiana, according to a web page posted Tuesday from Indiana’s DNR. Black carp are a breed of fish native to eastern Asia and populated the U.S. in the 1970–1980s. The fish are a serious threat to the surrounding wildlife in the area, including Indiana’s mussel populations. >click to read< 11:44

Stonington Commercial Fishermen Catch A Break

The New Law Has One Catch, But A Stonington Fisherman Says It’s A Good Catch – The only catch is that the agreement is for a very particular fish and season; the summer flounder, or fluke, from January to April. Andrew Williams 22, a fourth generation fisherman from Stonington, currently working on F/V McKenzie Paige, says being able to offload in more than one state is a good thing and may help sustain the future of commercial fishing in Stonington. Williams praised the new law saying it provides myriad benefits in that important, and short, winter season. >click to read< 10:54

Lobstermen confront host of problems as season gets underway

This year’s delayed lobster season kicked off with a cold, rainy spring and bait worries, but lobstermen haven’t been idle. Instead, they’ve been hunting for a way to cope with looming North Atlantic right whale protections. “The overall feeling around the docks this year is pretty glum,” said Jason Joyce of Swans Island. “Catch is low, expenses are high and (there are) stormy forecasts ahead thanks to wealthy, politically connected multinational environmental groups that have been targeting us as their latest fundraising villain.” >click to read< 09:22