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Chesapeake crab count up, but fewer watermen catching them

Stocks of blue crab in the Chesapeake Bay are up from last year by an estimated 60 percent, the best it’s been in six years, according to a group of experts from state and federal agencies and academic institutions. “The winter dredge survey results indicate a strong year ahead for blue crab,”,,, And while that’s good news for watermen, there are fewer of them actually out fishing for crabs in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. >click to read< 18:48

Honduran families receive bodies of sunk fishing boat victims

Families of the 27 people who died after a Honduran fishing boat sank have started receiving the bodies of their relatives, as the country’s president ordered a probe into the incident. The vessel sank on Wednesday in the remote eastern Mosquitia region after heading out to sea when a seasonal ban on lobster fishing was lifted. “We feel deep regret” over the drownings, President Juan Orlando Hernande wrote on his official Twitter account Thursday. “We stand in solidarity with the families,” adding he had demanded an investigation. >click to read< 17:18

Prince William Sound salmon harvests jump to 5 M+

Delivery of wild Alaska salmon to processors in Prince William Sound reached upwards of the five million fish mark as of July 2, as the catch from the Copper River drift fishery alone topped one million fish from the Copper River. For Prince William Sound the overall cumulative preliminary catch data shows 2,889,000 chum, 1,438,000 sockeye, 687,000 pink and 18,000 Chinook salmon. For the Copper River drift fishery,,, >click to read< 15:58

Fight Against Atlantic Menhaden Certification Moves to Next Round

The objections raised by sportfishing groups in opposition to certification of the industrial Atlantic menhaden fishery as a “sustainable fishery” are scheduled to be heard by an independent adjudicator on July 8 and 9. In March, the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership (TRCP), Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) and American Sportfishing Association (ASA) filed an objection—which was later combined with a similar objection raised by The Nature Conservancy and Chesapeake Bay Foundation—to the Marine Stewardship Council’s (MSC) recommendation that Omega Protein should receive a certification of sustainability for its U.S. Atlantic menhaden purse-seining operations. >click to read<13:53

Has charity’s call to save Fleetwood’s small boat fishing fleet come too late?

Fleetwood’s once great fishing fleet is now down to just three small boats and these remaining fishermen are struggling to make a living.,, The charity called on consumers, particularly in coastal counties and cities, to buy fresh local fish rather than fish imported from foreign waters, and to be more adventurous and try eating varieties of fish and shellfish that are plentiful around the UK’s coastline. But one of the last remaining fishermen in Fleetwood, John Worthington, says the current business is barely sustainable for those catching fish and landing it in Fleetwood. >click to read< 13:06

Grundéns and Gore-Tex® build rugged new line of fishing rain gear

Grundéns, producer of the world’s best fishing foul weather gear, today announces a new, rugged line of fishing rain gear in partnership with Gore-Tex®. 3 jackets and 2 bibs, all designed with specific fishing features and utilizing Gore-Tex’s® proprietary waterproof breathable technology, will provide exceptional wet weather protection to anglers in a variety of climates. Available to Grundéns top dealers and on Grundens.com in Fall 2019, the line will be widely available at all retailers in Spring of 2020. >click to read< 12:26

Lobsters and Lumberjacks on July 4: Is America an Exceptional Country?

From lobster races in Maine to a golf cart parade on Catalina Island and a lumberjack competition in Pennsylvania, Americans spent yesterday celebrating our nation’s independence. President Trump, speaking before the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, declared: “We will never forget that we are Americans and the future belongs to us. The future belongs to the brave, the strong, the proud and the free.”Two hundred and forty-three years ago, fifty-six brave men pledged “our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor” to adopt the Declaration of Independence. Their act that day in Philadelphia changed the course of the world. The United States became the first nation in history to be founded on an idea: the principle of freedom. From then to today, America has been an exceptional country. Is this a God-given fact? If so, why?  I researched that question recently. Here is what I found. By >click to read< Jim Denison 10:44

Assault trial stemming from Ecum Secum lobster dispute starts with surprise confession

Someone beat up Blair Fleet in his own Ecum Secum yard over a lobster dispute last spring. But who did it is even less clear after the first day of the trial of one of the fishermen accused of the assault. “So this is the first time you’ve heard that Jesse Asprey went to the police to admit he assaulted you?” defence attorney Colline Morrow asked the victim in Antigonish provincial court on Thursday. “No one ever told you?” “No,” replied Fleet. No one had apparently told the judge either. >click to read<09:29