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Remembering Dad: Josh Harris on how he’ll honor the late Captain Phil Harris on Father’s Day

Father’s Day is making out to be special for “Deadliest Catch” star, Captain Josh Harris.  The seafarer, 37, said he’ll be taking the day to remember his “old man” – the legendary late fishing boat captain Phil Harris, who died in 2010 at age 53 – in a special way. “I still have his favorite car that he ever owned. That [Corvette] Z06 – a red Z06,” Harris told Fox News on June 10. “I mean, he actually wanted to be buried in this thing. “For the first part of the day, I’ll go cruising,,, “And I’ll be blaring some old-school tunes – like some Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd or something he loved >click to read< with a bunch of links! Happy Fathers Day! 19:06

“The most generous guy you’d ever meet.” Friends mourn loss of Virginia Beach boat captain who died trying to save a sea turtle

Bill Jenkins was a man of great energy, passion and commitment, according to those who knew and worked with him. And the 53-year-old husband and father of two grown sons did a lot: Virginia Beach police officer, charter boat captain and owner of a seafood market and commissary kitchen were among the jobs he held. Jenkins died Thursday trying to help a sea turtle in distress. Police said he jumped off his 52-foot fishing boat a couple of miles off Virginia Beach’s shore after seeing the reptile entangled in some rope. >click to read< 17:01

Virginia’s Latest Pricey Boondoggle: Offshore Wind Power

As reported in an earlier article, Virginia’s green electric power plan calls for 5,000 MW of offshore wind generating capacity to be built in the next decade or so. This is a huge amount given that the worldwide total is just around 15,000 MW. We are talking about something like 800 giant windmills, embedded in the ocean floor and sticking hundreds of feet into the air above the water. They will be on the order of one and a half times taller than the Washington Monument, which is really tall. Two features make this offshore wind plan a folly — too little wind and too much wind. Let’s look at too little wind first. >click to read< 15:22

Bottom Fish Heritage: Pew said we should give up our permits, because we’re gonna be put of business anyway,,,


In this week’s spotlight video, Kauai fisherman Jonathan Hurd remembers how the fishing community assisted in research in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands but were phased out with the designation of the monument, “The government offered us a formula of how to buy us out, which was based on previous gross and previous fishing trips, which we didn’t make any money on anyways, so obviously they didn’t pay us enough money for giving up that right to be able to fish there.” 12:39

Government of Canada takes action to address threats to struggling Fraser River Chinook

Today, (June 19, 2020) Fisheries and Oceans Canada is releasing 2020 Fisheries management measures that will support the recovery of at-risk Fraser River Chinook populations, as well as protect the jobs and communities that depend on Chinook. The 2020 measures include additional restrictions to strengthen conservation as well as the flexibility needed where impacts to stocks of concern will be very low. These measures were developed following consultation with Indigenous communities, recreational and commercial fishing organizations, and environmental organizations. These measures are one component of a larger strategy intended to place at-risk Pacific salmon populations on a path towards sustainability. >click to read< 11:49

North Carolina Fisheries Association Weekly Update for June 19, 2020

Legislative updates, Bill updates, Calendar, >Click here to read the Weekly Update<, to read all the updates >click here<, for older updates listed as NCFA >click here< 10:35

Ex-Bumble Bee CEO gets prison term in Tuna Price fixing scheme. The real dirt is in this Press Release!

Former Bumble Bee Foods Chief Executive Chris Lischewski was sentenced to more than three years in prison for his role in a price-fixing racket, a rare outcome in a U.S. antitrust crackdown. In December, Lischewski was found guilty by a San Francisco federal jury of conspiring with colleagues and other industry executives to manipulate canned tuna prices, capping a marathon U.S. investigation that shook the packaged seafood industry and ultimately forced Bumble Bee into bankruptcy. >click to read< 08:54

  IWMC Press Release – The story behind this one-billion-dollar price fixing scandal, the biggest and most outrageous industrial subterfuge since Enron, is complex. It involves a web of opportunism and mixed agendas. And what still needs to be exposed is the role of NGOs in facilitating this mega crime. ISSF lives on even though three of its corporate founders, StarKist, Bumble Bee Sea Foods and Chicken of the Sea, have been found guilty of conspiring to cheat American consumers out of the benefits of competition. ,,The love-in between Bumble Bee and WWF came at a high price. In return for putting a halo around Bumble’s tuna tins in the United States, WWF charged 13 cents per can. From this reputation for cash swap, WWF expected to raise USD one million per year. >click to read<