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Search for missing St. Lawrence fisherman continues a week after official search ended

The search for missing fisherman Issac Kettle continued on Thursday with the help of supply vessel Paul A. Sacuta, tug boat Keewatin and sonar equipment supplied by marine surveying company Fugro Geo-Surveys. Kettle remains missing after the fishing vessel Sarah Anne sank off the coast of St. Lawrence,,, Pike said there had been no news from the search effort ongoing throughout the day, noting the Paul A. Sacuta left St. John’s on Sunday night and has been searching the fishing grounds, about 23 miles from St. Lawrence, since arriving on Monday morning. Pike said the Keewatin joined the search on Wednesday. >click to read< 20:20

Here’s the itinerary for President Donald J. Trump’s Friday visit to Maine

Trump will arrive in Bangor around 1:50 p.m. for the fisheries discussion. Air Force One is scheduled to land at the Bangor International Airport. The president will go directly into the roundtable discussion at the airport with commercial fisheries stakeholders who have not yet been identified by the White House. It is expected to last a half-hour. He is then likely to take a helicopter to Guilford. The White House hasn’t disclosed his mode of transportation, but Trump is likely to get aboard his helicopter, Marine One, for the trip to Guilford, where videos posted to social media have shown government helicopters practicing takeoffs and landings at the high school this week. They have also been spotted above Bangor. >click to read< 18:57

Governor and other state delegates release statements ahead of President Trump’s visit – The Welcoming Committee doesn’t sound very friendly! >click to read<

American Seafoods screening 2 more crews after most on third vessel test positive for Coronavirus

The new round of testing involves the crews of the American Triumph and the Northern Jaeger as they dock in Bellingham, according to a company statement. “We’re conducting these tests out of an abundance of caution,” said Mikel Durham, the company’s chief executive. All three of American Seafoods’ vessels had been participating in the Pacific whiting harvest off the Northwest coast with large crews onboard to operate the vessels and equipment that processes and freezes the catch.  Last week, a crew member of the American Dynasty tested positive and was hospitalized in Bellingham. A subsequent screening of other crew determined that 85 were positive. >click to read< 16:42

Criticism of federal handouts

I am living in a fishing town and the fishermen are fishing lobsters for a living. They are working hard trying to make a good living so they can pay their bills and support their families. Like everybody else, they have stress and they worry if they will be able to sell and get a good price for their labour. After reading the news about the province having a hard time finding labourers and immigrants having trouble to get into the province and work in the processing plants, I am stumped. We have unemployed students that could work these jobs but Ottawa — the way I read the news — will give them $2,000 a month,,, Simon LeMay,  >click to read< 13:49

Fishing vessel takes in water north of Unst

The Sumburgh based coastguard helicopter came to the aid of a fishing vessel 30 miles north of Unst this morning (Thursday) after it began taking in water. >click to read< 13:01

Alaska’s Coronavirus plans for fishing communities are now being put to the test

In a normal fishing season, Dan Martin would fly straight from the Pacific Northwest to the Aleutian Islands, where his pollock trawler, the Commodore, would be waiting for him to take the wheel. But this year, the veteran skipper is stepping onboard in Seattle, where he, four crew and two federal fisheries observers are taking COVID-19 tests and hoisting a quarantine flag. Then they’ll squeeze onto the vessel for a week-long voyage to Alaska’s biggest fishing port, Dutch Harbor in the Aleutian Islands. “We might have to eat in shifts,” Martin quipped. “Because I don’t know that we can fit that many people at our galley table.” >click to read< 09:41