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Petersburg crabber fined for using others’ pot tags

A Petersburg crabber was fined this week for using other permit holders’ crab pot tags and fishing more pots than he’s allowed. 54-year-old Andy Knight was originally facing six misdemeanor charges. He was fishing for Dungeness crab in his vessel the Kathy K in Gambier Bay on southern Admiralty Island north of Petersburg just after the start of the summer season June 17th. Alaska Wildlife Troopers from the Juneau post onboard the trooper vessel Sentry investigated and say Knight was fishing more than the maximum of 300 pots allowed for him and two other permit holders onboard. click here to read the story 10:56

Ten Day At Sea Joint Mission Successfully Tallies 20+ Violations

clip_image002_001On March 10, 2016, two Alaska Wildlife Troopers, a public safety technician, and a NOAA Enforcement Officer got underway for a 10-day at-sea operation in the Aleutian chain, Alaska. The joint patrol mission was focused on conducting at-sea boarding’s, as well as inspections of state and federal commercial fishing vessels and processors operating in the Gulf of Alaska. What they thought would be a relatively smooth mission, turned into much more than they bargained for. With days of 40 knot (46 MPH) winds, 10-15 foot seas, and snow, “it was more than I’m used to,” said Enforcement Officer Noah Meisenheimer of the NOAA Office of Law Enforcement Office. Aboard the State of , the crew wasn’t in imminent danger. But, on day eight of the nearly 1,300 nautical mile trek, a nearby vessel was. It was a particularly stormy evening when the vessel Stanley K had its anchor wrap around the propeller. By the end of the at-sea patrol, the Stimson team had successfully conducted this rescue mission, inspected more than 100 cod pots, boarded for examination 35 commercial vessels, and audited four seafood processors.  In total, eight federal and 13 state violations were documented.  Read the rest here 14:51

Deadliest Catch Skipper Elliot Neese was in Unalaska District Court this week for Catching Undersized Crab

Two boat captains were in Unalaska District Court on Thursday after being caught with undersized red king crab. Thirty-two-year-old Elliot Neese is the captain of the F/V Saga. The vessel was cited during a delivery of red kings last week. Dockside samplers found that 3.3 percent of the crab on board was illegal — either too small, or female. Read the rest here 16:29

Two California Men Plead Guilty to Fishing Violations in Sitka – They paid for it too!

It was on June 30th that Alaska Wildlife Troopers contacted the captain and crew of the fishing vessel “Chief Joseph” while it lay at anchor in Still Harbor in Southeast Alaska. When they did so, they observed signs of recent fishing aboard the vessel. Read more here 15:52

Alaska Wildlife Troopers do job without discriminating – Col. James E. Cockrell

Protecting Alaskans and their wildlife resources is the mission of the Alaska Wildlife Troopers. This mission is executed fairly and equally with no discrimination to any group. I wish to respond to the letter to the editor signed by Fred Basargin, Dennis Basargin and others alleging “not all fishermen treated equally.” [email protected] 09:44