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Walmart Agrees to Work With ASMI on Sustainability Particulars

The nation’s largest retailer has reaffirmed its commitment to buy Alaska seafood, and will work with the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute on sustainability issues to meet needed criteria. Sustainability of the state’s seafood is mandated by the state’s constitution. Read [email protected]  17:28

ASMI All-Hands Meeting Informatio​n

UFA members and friends, UFA is headed to Sitka for our semi-annual Board meeting which runs from October 23rd to 25th at Centennial Hall (http://www.ufa-fish.org/ ). For those of you who can’t make it to the UFA meeting, hopefully we can encourage you to attend the ASMI All-Hands meeting next week in Anchorage. more info @Public Notices 13:38

Fish fight: Walmart caught in the middle of Alaska salmon tangle

After a push from Alaskan salmon fisheries, Walmart considers alternative seafood certification systems. Will this undermine the Marine Stewardship Council’s dominance? [email protected] 15:08

More than 80% of Alaska salmon will not be sold as MSC, says ASMI

MSC-LogoA recent announcement by the Marine Stewardship Council should not be interpreted as a change in decision by a dozen Alaskan companies to no longer sell and support MSC salmon, said the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute (ASMI). Although the bulk of the Alaska salmon fishery has earned MSC, the vast majority of Alaska salmon processing companies — 27 in total — will not be selling MSC-certified Alaskan salmon, said ASMI on Monday. [email protected] 13:49

New Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute International Program Director Alexa Tonkovich Promoted from Within

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute has a new director for its international marketing efforts. Alexa Tonkovich, who has worked the past four years as ASMI’s Asia and Emerging Markets manager, was named to the post Monday morning, and took over the job immediately. Her promotion will now add Europe to her plate. Listen Jay Barrett/KMXT 15:42