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‘Atlantic’ – an urgent and visually moving lament against corporate privatization of the ocean

Fortunately, Risteard O’Domhnail’s Atlantic—a remarkable docudrama about corporate and government malfeasance responsible for destroying fishing communities across the Atlantic Ocean’s coastlines—exemplifies an impeccably crafted style of documentary filmmaking which may resonate emotionally long after viewing it.,, Atlantic succeeds as a lament about fisherman forced to pay witness to what seems unimaginable: a corporate takeover of the Atlantic Ocean. This is a shocking concept, given the time-honored narratives which treat the ocean as a vast, unconquerable enigma associated with man’s total subservience to nature. click here to read the article, and watch the video trailer 15:11

‘Atlantic’ follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities – in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland

fishingwaters1_largeNarrated by Emmy award winner Brendan Gleeson, ‘Atlantic’ follows the fortunes of three small fishing communities – in Ireland, Norway and Newfoundland as they struggle to maintain their way of life in the face of mounting economic and ecological challenges. As the oil majors drive deeper into their fragile seas, and the world’s largest fishing companies push fish stocks to the brink, coastal communities and the resources they rely on are fast approaching a point of no return. This has huge implications for Irish fishing communities and the national exchequer and is even more relevant with news of Brexit and the UK leaving the Common Fisheries Area and with Providence Resources planning a large Irish drilling program in 2017. Filmed in some of the most remote and breathtaking locations in the North Atlantic, and at close quarters with some of the sea’s most captivating characters, Atlantic brings to the fore three very intimate stories from the global resource debate. It explores how modern day communities must learn from the past, in order to secure a brighter future. Watch the trailer, read the rest here 15:29

N.L.’s fishing industry featured in Irish documentary

2016-04-07-01-20-10-TEL-web-07042016-AtlanticDocumentary-SCRNA new documentary that tells of Ireland’s troubled fishing industry, Newfoundland’s cod moratorium and Norway’s oil industry is getting some attention on the other side of the pond. “Atlantic,” by Irish director Risteard Ó Domhnaill (Richie O’Donnell), won the Best Irish Documentary award at the Dublin International Film Festival, according to The Southern Star, a publication in southern Ireland. The crowd-funded documentary was pitched on fundit.ie as a documentary that “follows the fortunes of three fishing communities united and divided by the Atlantic ocean, as they struggle to maintain their way of life despite mounting challenges within their own industry and environment, and an increase of oil exploration activities in their fishing grounds. Read the rest here 15:05

Earthjustice files Oceana Lawsuit Against Federal Government to Save Dusky Sharks in Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic

earthjustice $upereco-manIn the lawsuit filed today, Oceana claims the National Marine Fisheries Service violated the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the primary law governing federal fisheries, by failing to end the overfishing of dusky sharks. Oceana also claims the federal government failed to establish an annual catch limit and measures to enforce such a limit as well as failed to revise dusky shark management measures once it became apparent that the current measures were not rebuilding the population to healthy levels, as required by law. Read the rest here 17:54