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Government Officials Ignore Public Comment, Create New Financial Burden on Fisherman

In a letter acquired by Cause of Action Institute (CoA Institute), it appears that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Department of Commerce have approved a controversial fishery management proposal while ignoring public comments critical of the plan. This approval also seems to have been issued before the close of a second public comment period for implementing regulations. The NOAA rulemaking is expected to seriously impact commercial fishing on the Eastern seaboard by applying costly new burdens on fishermen. >click to read<19:23

CoA Institute Highlights Deficiencies in Proposed Rule to Shift Burdensome Costs of At-Sea Monitoring to Commercial Fishermen

The New England Fishery Management Council (NEFMC), in coordination with the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), seeks to approve and implement a controversial set of regulatory amendments that would create a new industry-funding requirement for at-sea monitoring in the Atlantic herring fishery and, moreover, create a standardized process for introducing similar requirements in other New England fisheries. Under the so-called Omnibus Amendment, the fishing industry would be forced to bear the burdensome cost of allowing third-party monitors to ride their boats in line with the NEFMC’s supplemental monitoring goals. This would unfairly and unlawfully restrict economic opportunity in the fishing industry. >click to read<14:29

New England: Members Of Commercial Fishing Industry Oppose Proposed Changes To Herring Fishery

Commercial fishing companies are against proposed changes to the Atlantic herring fishery management plan. The New England Fisheries Management Council wants to establish a new process for setting the sustainable harvest limit, referred to as the “acceptable biological catch.” That control rule, which is set every three years, would be in place for a longer period of time. The Town Dock, a Rhode Island-based seafood dealer and processor, said in a statement changing that rule would be problematic for the fishery. >click to read<13:50

Computer Glitch shuts inshore herring fishery causing bait shortage – Price Spikes!

While the DMR says the Atlantic herring fishery is usually very predictable, because its quotas are monitored throughout the year, a computer glitch caused regulators to miscalculate the quota in the inshore areas of the gulf of Maine. This caused an immediate cap on herring fishing in that area without warning, causing bait prices to spike in many northern fishing areas. Fishermen Downeast say, a normal price for a bushel of bait herring would be $25, but as late as last week, the price shot up to almost $40 in many areas. Video, Read the rest here 12:46

Atlantic herring fishery closed for Gulf of Maine as limit approaches – Atlantic Herring Management Area 1B

nmfs_logoThe Atlantic herring fishery will close Saturday for the offshore Gulf of Maine region after 92 percent of the total allowable catch had been caught. The National Marine Fisheries Service said the fishery will be closed from Saturday through May 1, 2015. Atlantic Herring Management Area 1B Closure Effective 0001 Hours May 24, 2014  Read more here  08:03

Not all fishing quotas were cut – significant increase in herring quota allocation

Patricia Fiorelli, public affairs officer with the New England Fisheries Management Council, said they expect approval from the National Marine Fishery Service on the new quota as soon as possible and it will be implemented in 2013.
Fiorelli also said the Council last week officially decided to examine catch limits for the Atlantic Herring Fishery for river herring, which applies to Alewife and Blueback herring. “Because those species, which are managed, are in declining numbers, we will put some kind of limits on what can be taken by the Atlantic Herring Fishery,” she said. Read more here