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As Stonington’s fishermen age, a new effort to preserve their memories

Half of the people that walked into the tent at the Stonington Town Dock Sunday afternoon, it seemed, could point out a relative in one of the photos on the wall. A collection of snapshots of a centuries-old fishing tradition in Stonington brought back members of the traditional fishing families — and some newcomers — to the old days, and carried a message for the present. Walter John Roderick stood in front of a picture of his father, Geal “Bait” Roderick, and his seven brothers, reflecting on the shrinking family of fishermen. “There’s fewer people left in the industry,” he said, counting six living members of the Roderick family still fishing and comparing it to the 60 family members once working on boats in the 1940s. “We were the kids,” he said. “Now I’m going to be 70 next month.” click here to read the story 10:47

Blessing of the Fleet takes place May 6 at 10 a.m. at the Alaska Commercial Fishermen’s Memorial

The annual Blessing of the Fleet and Reading of the Names ceremony is set for Saturday, May 6. Organizers of the local event encourage the public to attend to honor commercial fishermen, past and present, and the industry as a whole at the start of the fishing season. It’s taking place at 10 a.m. at the Alaska Commercial Fishermen’s Memorial next to Taku Smokeries. The blessing takes about an hour. The guest speaker this year is Lt. Gov. Byron Mallott. This year marks the 27th year that the fleet has been blessed. Attendees are advised to dress warmly. For those who can’t attend or those on the water, the event will be broadcast over VHF Channel 10. click here to read the story 16:33

Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival celebrates its working waterfront with Blessing of the Fleet

In a tradition that stretches back nearly 60 years, local fishermen gathered their fleet off Doran Spit on Sunday to receive a blessing for bountiful catches and safe returns. Skippers, aboard boats sporting colorful maritime decorations in their rigging, tuned their VHF radios to channel 09 and cranked up the volume so their crews, friends and family aboard could hear local clergy pray for them in the annual blessing of the fleet. “We praise you for the vast abundance of the sea,” said Pastor Neal Miller of the Fisherman’s Chapel in prayer. Miller was joined aboard the New Sea Angler by Pastor Jerry Lites of Bodega Bay Church and Father Gary Moore of the Diocese of Santa Rosa. After a few lean years, the Bodega Bay fleet is praying the Lord will manifest that abundance onto their hooks and into their crab pots. The blessing of the fleet, which has taken place every year since 1958, is appreciated by both captains and crew. 14 great images, click here to read the story 13:12

“Blessing of the Fleet” – County Council joins in wishing “safe fishing” to crews preparing to head to Alaska

Washington is known for having some of the best seafood in the world, much brought to our shores from crews preparing to go to Alaska for the summer fishing season. The Metropolitan King County Council today recognized those brave men and women who will spend their summer in the North Pacific by recognizing the “Blessing of the Fleet” which will occur this weekend, the start of the halibut fishing season. “Commercial fishing has been a foundation of our economy for over a century. Fishers risk their lives, and their families risk the loss of their loved ones every year. The fishing industry is an integral part of our King County community,” said Councilmember Jeanne Kohl-Welles, the sponsor of the recognition. “We also acknowledge the many years of participation by the Ballard First Lutheran Church in the annual Blessing of the Fleet. We wish the fleet an abundant and abundantly healthy start of the season!” continue reading the story here 21:40

Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony to honor fishermen Sunday, in Morehead City

57ed347510c48-imageEach October, as the N.C. Seafood Festival comes to a close, fishermen and their families are honored during the Blessing of the Fleet. This year’s ceremony is at 10 a.m. Sunday, Oct. 2, at the N.C. State Port, 113 Arendell St., in Morehead City. Fishermen spend long, hard days on the water providing a living for their families, and the ceremony draws attention to the work that these men and women provide for their community.  “Every year we gather at the Blessing to honor the men and women who continue to work the water, along with their fathers and grandfathers who went before them,” said Jonathan Robinson, of Atlantic. He is a fisherman, county commissioner and member of the Carteret County Fishermen’s Association. “It is a very special time to those of us who are part of this industry. We hope that somehow this service will inspire the next generation to hold on to this way of life. Read the story here 10:59

At annual Stonington blessing, fishermen add one more to ranks of those who have died at sea

AR-160739887.jpg&Maxw=960When Peggy Krupinski used to attend the Blessing of the Fleet each year, her husband Walter was always with her. This year, she came alone. Helped on both sides on Sunday by the family members of men who lost their lives on fishing boats, Krupinski held an anchor-shaped wreath of red flowers over Stonington Harbor. Standing behind her on the fishing boat Neptune, The Most Rev. Michael Cote, bishop of Norwich, read a prayer. “O God, who alone know the depth of the oceans and the destiny of souls, we commit to your care those who never returned from the sea.” Krupinski let the wreath drop into the harbor. “Give them pardon and peace with you, and grant that we may see them again.” And with that, Walter Krupinski — known as “Wally — was added to the list of Stonington fishermen who have died at sea. Read the rest here 11:06

Westport Blessing of the Fleet ceremony this Sunday

thYS9RJ1FHWestport’s 55th Annual Blessing of the Fleet Ceremony will be held at 1 p.m. Sunday. Community members and visitors are invited to join area clergy for a short ceremony at the Fishermen’s Memorial at the turnaround of Neddie Rose Drive in Westport’s Marina District. The program is given in remembrance of those whose lives have been taken by the sea and to ask the Lord’s blessing for those who continue to go out on the waters to make a living or to help seafarers in trouble. For the first time, as a part of the Weekend with the Fleet festival, commercial fishing vessels will also gather off Point Chehalis to form an offshore Nautical Honor Guard during the Blessing of the Fleet ceremony this year. Read the rest here 17:51

2016 Blessing of the Fleet – Tradition in Chauvin draws crowds

chauvin blessing of the fleetSunny skies and a light breeze greeted local fishermen and their families as they gathered Sunday morning to pray for a safe and bountiful brown-shrimp season at the annual Blessing of the Fleet in Chauvin. The Bayou Little Caillou ceremony kicks off this month’s volley of boat blessings in areas including Dulac, Pointe-aux-Chenes, Montegut and Golden Meadow. A mainstay in these traditional fishing, shrimping and crabbing communities, the Blessing of the Fleet helps ensure the safety and fortune of the fishermen who make their living on the bounties of the sea. Video, Read the rest here 10:40

Despite strong winds and cold, pelting rain, hundreds attend the 18th annual Blessing of the Fleet

Bradley Styron of the Carteret County Fishermen’s Association throws out the first of manyMOREHEAD CITY – “The Blessing of the Fleet is always filled with pride and homesickness for the local people; today was especially so,” Ms. Amspacher said. “ I think it was the weather, not just today’s rain and wind, but also the fear and threat of a storm we had all worried about for days. All that brought us closer to the realities of a fisherman’s life every day.  Over and over today I heard people saying, ‘this is their life – I couldn’t let the weather keep me away,’ and that understanding set the tone for today’s service.” Read the rest here 16:22

Blessing of the Fleet in Morehead City honors tradition, Joaquin be damned.

blessing morehead city 2015Commercial fishing trawlers cruise around the N.C. State Port of Morehead City as bands a rain and wind zip across the Intracoastal Waterway during the annual Blessing of the Fleet ceremony on Sunday where family and friends gather to honor and remember the fallen. (Dylan Ray photo)16:01

Blessing of the Fleet honors Stonington fishermen

Stonington – The commercial fishing industry, its traditions, lore, people and tragedies meshed together Sunday at the 62nd annual Blessing of the Fleet, a summertime staple that is trying to rebound after waning interest, bad weather and the depressed fishing economy threatened the event in the past. John Gomes, the event’s longtime emcee, told the few hundred people who gathered at the Town Dock during a light drizzle for the ceremony that the ceremony and festival have to survive. “It’s our identity,” ,,, Read the rest here 19:43

Blessing boats for safe endeavors and a good harvest

blessing, georgiaEvery year, in fishing communities along the East Coast of the U.S. and around the world, people gather to watch the annual Blessing of the Fleet. Darien, in McIntosh County, is no exception. Begun in 1968 by then-Mayor Jimmy Williamson to celebrate the commercial fishing industry, this is the 47th year of the event. The event was brought to the U.S. by immigrants who desired to maintain the traditions of their homelands in their new country. Read the rest here 09:29

Communities to kick off boat blessing ceremonies

As temperatures warm up, the bayou communities of Terrebonne and Lafourche parishes are preparing to send their shrimpers, trawlers and fishermen out onto the Gulf waters. Before venturing out, these marine wayfarers will be asking for the Lord’s blessing in an age-old tradition to ensure a bountiful harvest and their safety at sea. Chauvin, Dulac and Montegut will be the first three towns to kick off the Blessing of the Fleet ceremonies on Sunday. Golden Meadow and Pointe-aux-Chenes will follow over the next few weekends. Read the rest here 11:22

Marshfield Massachusetts: Blessing of the Fleet to held Sunday at 1 p.m., July 13, 2014

Members of the Marshfield Commercial Fisherman’s Association have decided to put at the head of the line the Shannon Rose, a lobster boat owned by Tim Seaver. Seaver, 53, of Brant Rock, died June 23 in an ATV accident in the Chiltonville section of Plymouth.  All onlookers and commercial and recreational boaters are welcome to attend. Read more here 13:47  Weekend Exposure. Going Home. Green Harbor, Ma. Click here

Charleston Marina: Annual Blessing of the Fleet on Monday

CHARLESTON — Memorial Day activities in Charleston will focus on the annual Blessing of the Fleet and Memorial Service at the Charleston Fisherman’s Memorial Garden, near the launch ramp at the Charleston Marina, at 10 a.m. Monday, May 26. This year the Charleston community will add 11 names to the “In Memory of Charleston Fisherman” plaque. Read more here  17:38

A Bench is dedicated to Brad Liska during annual Chatham Blessing of the Fleet

 “B Strong B Courageous B Liska.” – Brad, a Nauset Regional Middle School student who died in late 2012 of brain cancer, also was a member of a long-standing commercial fishing family in Chatham. His dad, Mark Liska, fishes on the F/V Sea Dance, and Brad’s grandad Amon “Dick” Liska crewed on fishing boats out of Chatham for 50 years. Read more here

Bodega Bay honors fishing tradition at annual event

bodega blessingThe annual Bodega Bay Fisherman’s Festival is 41 years old this year, though its centerpiece — the Blessing of the Fleet — goes back 56 years, to a time the commercial fishing industry was at its height. pressdemocrat.com Read more here 15:33

The Blessing of the Fleet: Cape Breton fishermen pray as lobster season begins

Nova Scotia lobster fishermen and their families gathered on their boats in Main-a-Dieu on Sunday for the annual Blessing of the Fleet ceremony. “Protect our fishers during this fishing season and give them a bountiful catch,” Father Savarimuthu Rajasekar prayed. The ceremony is a tradition in many fishing communities. continued

Shrimper ready for Blessing – F/V Miss Alena will be the lead boat Brunswick Ga. 75th Annual Blessing of the Fleet 3 p.m. Sunday

Looking at his office wall, Speedy Tostensen admires all the pictures of his shrimp boats.Some are newspaper clippings in black and white. Others are photos in bright, vibrant colors that show off the fishing boats he decorated for special events such as the Blessing of the Fleet procession in East River Sunday. All of the photos are from the past, including the Brunswick Spring Fiesta – a city-hosted festival held in the 1980s at Mary Ross Waterfront Park in conjunction with the annual Blessing of the Fleet. continued

Blessing of the Fleet: Chauvin ushers in shrimp season

bilde 505HoumaToday.com – Bayou Little Caillou was alive with celebration and brightly decorated trawlers as fishermen and their families celebrated tradition and prayed for a safe and bountiful brown-shrimp season in Chauvin Sunday. continued