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12-year-old boat builder unveils Jacob’s Pride in Winterton

Twelve-year-old Jacob Hiscock has interests that aren’t necessarily the norm for kids his age in Newfoundland and Labrador. He’s not interested in working in an office when he grows up and instead plans on making a career on the water, whether it’s with the coast guard, as a fisherman, or as a boat builder. With his grandfather Frank French, Hiscock has made some major strides on his latest effort at boat building with Jacob’s Pride, a five-foot wooden boat that just touched down on the water in Winterton. >click to read<18:35

Downeast Boat builder Richard Stanley tinkers with a ‘hybrid’

stanley-boat-builders-3It goes without saying that Richard Stanley has wooden boats in his blood. But at Richard Stanley Custom Boats, he is working on a new design that combines both wood and fiberglass fabrication with the goal of keeping wooden boats economically accessible to local fishermen. As a compromise between the expense of wood and the relative ease of fiberglass, Stanley recently designed a 38-foot powerboat with a wooden hull and a fiberglass top. It’s an idea he has kicked around for years, but it wasn’t until recently that he found the perfect customer for which to execute his design. The boat, commissioned by Doug Mayo of Portland, will be used as a charter fishing vessel and a recreational boat for family and friends. Using fiberglass for the boat’s top will save time and money. Read the story here 14:03