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Commercial crabber calls out Al Gore on fake science, explains sea level hasn’t changed at all since 1970

In promotion of his latest film, “An Inconvenient Sequel,” former vice president and global warming activist Al Gore is still desperately trying to make the case that planet earth is heating up, and that only carbon taxes can fix it. But as per usual, he failed miserably during a recent CNN town hall with Anderson Cooper, during which a commercial crabber and local mayor explained that sea levels around his tiny island have remained the same for over half a century. James Eskridge oversees the day-to-day activities on Tangier Island, in Virginia, and he’s been fishing crab there for decades. He’s quite familiar with the tides, the currents, and various other elements in and around the coastal terrain. And other than an ongoing problem related to erosion, in which the shorelines of Tangier Island are progressively disappearing due to constant waves and storms, he says that everything is exactly the same as it’s always been, at least as far as ocean levels are concerned. click here to read the story 09:25

Commercial fisherman John Moore – Commercial Crabber

While others still sleep, commercial fisherman John Moore, of Magnolia, wakes up at 3 a.m. and heads east to Bowers Beach and his boat, the Bay Bee Lynne. “To me it’s my life, it’s what I like to do,” Moore said.  “I do it because I love it.  And like I told you it’s like a curse.  Once a man does it he can’t do anything else like a normal job.  You pretty much do what you want to do, nobody bothers you.  Working normal jobs just doesn’t work for me.” For 27-years, Moore’s office has been the Delaware Bay,,, Read the rest here 07:16

Dateline Delaware: Leipsic’s way of life pulled from the water

LEIPSIC — Capt. Craig Pugh is a vision of the commercial crabber, dressed  in a predawn hour in a red and black checked shirt, boots to his knees, jeans and a camouflage cap. His hands are leathered, his face ruddy from the sun. His fingernail beds are wide and worn. In the liner of his black pickup, 50-pound boxes of frozen menhaden await a final dip in the Delaware Bay – this time as bait. But there’s something not so predictable about this Kent County crabber. Onshore, Pugh, 50, is the mayor of Leipsic, tending to a population of 183. [email protected]