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Northern Peninsula harvesters surprised and disappointed by crab price announcement

Harvesters in the 3K region of the Great Northern Peninsula experienced a slight 2 per cent increase in crab quota this year. But the price designation of $4.55 – a price far below what they had hoped for – has many in this fishery frustrated and seeking answers. Englee fisherman Ronald Patey says without a better price for this new crab quota, which is roughly half of what it was in years past, harvesters will struggle to make ends meet. Chair of St. Anthony’s Port Authority Ernest Simms says the latest announcement around crab prices is a definite disappointment. >click to read<20:14

Bering Sea crab prices increase big across the board

tanner2_adfgOnly a handful of boats are still out hauling crab pots from the Bering Sea and they can be sure of a good price for their catch. It’s just been a really good year for crab all aroundJake Jacobsen is a four decade fishing veteran  and director of the Inter-Cooperative Exchange, a harvester group that catches 70 percent of the Bering Sea crab quota. Right now the boats are finishing off the Tanner and snow crab shares. We haven’t even started the final prices for snow crab yet. We started out with an advance of $2.00 a pound but that really doesn’t mean anything. The advance price is just a number we throw out there so the fishermen have some money to pay their expenses as they go along.  Audio, Read the rest here 18:35

Mother Nature to blame for higher shrimp, crab prices – video

Louisiana hasn’t seen the last of those cold winter temperatures. Mother Nature is having an effect on seafood in the state, Crawfish season was delayed by two months and now shrimp and crab season is also behind. Prices for both are some of the highest they’ve been since the 1970’s. Read more here 19:52