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Fisherman charged in 2018 scallop boat slaying ruled mentally incompetent

A Newport News man charged with killing a fellow fisherman two years ago on a scallop boat off the coast of Massachusetts has been declared mentally incompetent to stand trial. Franklin Meave faces life in prison on a federal charge of killing Javier Rangel Sosa, 54, a well-liked fisherman,, On Sept. 18, 2018, the Captain Billy Haver, an 83-foot fishing boat, left its York County dock with a crew of seven to dredge scallops off the Massachusetts coast. Sosa was the boat’s chief mate; Meave was a hired hand. Five days later,,, “Mayday, mayday, mayday,” the boat’s captain said,, “We have a man gone crazy here on the boat, man,” he said when the Coast Guard responded. “One man, I don’t know if he’s dead or what. But one of the crew members went crazy, and he started hitting people in the head with a hammer. >click to read< 14:50,  Six articles, starting in September 24, 2018, >click to read<

Fisherman Indicted For Murder Off Cape Cod

A federal grand jury has indicted a fisherman in the killing of another crew member on a fishing boat off Cape Cod, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.,, Federal authorities say on Sept. 23, 2018, Meave Vazquez assaulted a crew member with a hammer in one hand and a knife in the other onboard the Captain Billy Haver, which was sailing 55 miles off the coast of Nantucket. That victim then saw that another crew member was lying on the deck bleeding. >click to read<12:45

Mate killed in Illegal Alien Hammer Attack Aboard F/V Captain Billy Haver

A York County-based fishing boat — the Captain Billy Haver — was 55 miles off the coast of Massachusetts a few weeks ago, dredging scallops from the sea. Then, seemingly out of the blue, a crew member started attacking his shipmates with a hammer.,,, “Mayday, mayday, mayday,” he said in a thick accent. “Can anybody hear me?” “We have a man gone crazy here on the boat, man,” the captain continued after hearing a reply. “One man, I don’t know if he’s dead or what. But one of the crew members went crazy, and he started hitting people in the head with a hammer. I got three men that’s injured now. One I can’t wake him up. ”The boat’s chief mate, Javier Rangel Sosa, 54, of Newport News, lay on the deck nearby, blood rushing from his mouth. >click to read<

F/V Captain Billy Haver Crewman Held Without Bail, Coast Guard May Day Call Audio

The fisherman charged with killing one crew mate and injuring another on board a commercial fishing vessel off the Massachusetts coast has been held without bail. Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez made his initial appearance in federal court on Wednesday in Boston where he is charged with murder and attempted murder. Authorities say Vazquez, a Mexican national living in the U.S. illegally, used a hammer and a knife to attack his shipmates Sunday on the Virginia-based vessel Captain Billy Haver about 55 miles off the coast of Nantucket. >click to read< Audio of the mayday call received by the U.S. Coast Guard from the fishing boat “Captain Billy Haver” which was approximately 60 miles east of Nantucket, Massachusetts Sunday, Sept. 23, 2018. >click to listen<15:23

Mexican national charged with murder, attempted murder in deadly hammer, knife attack on fishing boat off Nantucket

A Mexican national is facing charges after a fisherman on a Virginia-based fishing vessel died during an altercation about 55 miles off the coast of Nantucket over the weekend, officials said. A Boston-based spokesman says the Coast Guard received a call Sunday afternoon from the 83-foot Captain Billy Haver, reporting that a member of the crew had attacked several other fishermen with a hammer and a knife. The Coast Guard placed a law enforcement team on board the vessel and arrested Franklin Freddy Meave Vazquez, 27, on several charges, including one count of murder and one count of attempted murder. >click to read<19:00

One dead, one injured in attack aboard trawler

One mariner is dead after being attacked by a fellow seaman aboard the trawler Captain Billy Haver, according to the Coast Guard. A person who heard the radio transmissions from the trawler to the Coast Guard said the crew member allegedly used a hammer and a knife in the alleged attack, though the Coast Guard would not confirm. Another mariner was allegedly injured by the same man. A call went out to Sector Southeast New England Sunday afternoon from the Captain Billy Haver, which was 60 miles east of Nantucket at the time of the incident,,, >click to read<08:57