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So. Let me get this Straight! Failure of weather buoy could endanger fishermen, but NOAA don’t have the dough to FIX IT??

A buoy failure off the coast of Half Moon Bay threatens the safety of commercial and recreational fishermen as well as other vessels during the more dangerous winter season, fishermen say. [email protected]

They can provide funding for costume parties for their lawyers in Philly, and call it “training”, performance bonuses from the AFF, have “contests” to award prizes to grant applicants from the S-K Fund, announce today that they awarded close to half a million dollars in funds to support nine educational projects in New England to provide hands-on learning experiences for K-12 students to foster greater understanding of and connection to local watersheds, I could continue, but they can’t find the money to fix Buoy Station 46012? HEY! Chuck Grassley! When the HELL are them NOAA heads gonna ROLL?!!!