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Winners and Losers – The politics of fisheries decisions in Lobster Fishing Area 25

hunter-tootooWith just about any political decision there are winners and there are losers. A tax break helps some while others pay through a reduction in service somewhere else. There are also winners and losers, or at least a perception of such, in the case of Federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo’s decision last week to increase the minimum lobster carapace size in Lobster Fishing Area 25. The Maritime Fishermen’s Union in New Brunswick can claim to be the winner, in that it had been lobbying for an increase, while the Prince County Fishermen’s Association in P.E.I. is taking the loss as it had been arguing in favour of leaving the size limit unchanged. Read the rest here  12:15

Federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo meets with Dwight Ball in St. John’s

Premier Dwight Ball welcomed new Federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo to Newfoundland and Labrador on Monday, as the new federal and provincial governments continued to showcase a renewed relationship, and spoke of maintaining their pre-existing commitments. “Our overarching goal is to protect our three oceans, coasts and waterways and fisheries. We must ensure that they remain healthy for future generations, while mitigating the impact of climate change.” Read the article here 08:02

Protection of marine areas to be based on science, Hunter Tootoo says

Federal Fisheries Minister Hunter Tootoo says science will determine not only which areas of Canada’s oceans the government will designate for protection, but also what development, if any, will be permitted in those areas. “In the meetings I’ve had with the environmental groups, the only way we’re going to be able to accomplish this is all of us working together. Basically all hands on deck,” Tootoo added. Read the article here 09:54