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Fish wars swirl – Commercial and recreational fishermen clash over southern flounder stock

FLOUNDER3NE091115CELNot the prettiest nor the most elusive of fish, the flat, oval-shaped southern flounder is nonetheless a tasty staple along the North Carolina coast, whether it’s caught by fishing rod or purchased in a seafood market or restaurant.These days the southern flounder is making waves that reach all the way to the state capital, pitting recreational anglers against commercial operators, setting a regulatory commission’s members against one another and their staff, and prompting legislators to wade into a controversy that is the territory of the executive branch. Accusations of political threats and retaliation abound. Read the rest here 08:04

Sport fishing priority leaves most of us (the consumer’s) out

The authors of this OpEd assert that “recreational fishers contribute vastly more income to our state’s economy …” than commercial interests and further state that “Overall, recreational fishing is a $1 billion industry in Washington.” Dr. Hans Radtke, a natural resource economist from Oregon, published a comprehensive study on Washington commercial fisheries in January 2011 documenting $3.9 billion in economic activity by all commercial fisheries in Washington State. Read the rest here 19:53

Fish wars obscure need to manage for max economic yield

KENAI RIVER — On the very day Arni Thomson, a spokesman for commercial fishing interests in Cook Inlet, complained in ADN that the salmon resource is being used “as a platform for division,’’ the F/V Peregrine was cutting in close to the north bank of this river at the ideal speed to send a rolling wave of wake washing over dipnetters along that shore. Talk about creating division …Yes Craig, read the comments. Read more here 09:25

Fish Wars: The EU condemns Faroe Islands and Iceland to poverty

Deplorable decision It is deplorable that Commissioner Damanaki, a left-wing socialist politician, accepted to condemn two helpless tiny democracies from their basic source of income. Possibly, there is much truth in EU allegations for overfishing of herring and mackerel in the North Atlantic. But it’s not only Faroe and Iceland fishermen the only culpable parties. [email protected] 10:42